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Limp toes

I am thinking of renaming this blog “The Veterinary Chronicles”…

Yes, you guessed it, we have visited the vet again.  This time it was Cagney; he hurt his foot.  The last time this happened was just before Christmas.  On that occasion he recovered quickly from the bruising he had sustained.

Cagney in travel cage hanging by dodgy foot

Cagney in travel cage hanging by dodgy foot

Cagney's right foot not gripping properly

Cagney’s right foot not gripping properly

Close up of dodgy foot

Close up of dodgy foot

Cagney after vet visit

Cagney after vet visit

A few days ago I noticed Cagney limping.  There seemed to be something wrong with his right leg.  At one point, when he was on top of the Manor, I could see under his foot & it looked red.  Later on that day I managed to grab him & attempted to smear some aloe vera on his foot.  He was very wriggly (clearly he had been taking lessons from the Master of Wriggling, Bezukhov!)  He also felt very little.  Was this because I am used to holding Bezukhov who is now quite ‘solid’ or has he been losing weight?  His right foot seemed odd too, though I could not work out why (the wriggling did not help).  As the day wore on he struggled, so much so that I rang the vet to make an appointment.

The day before the vet visit, he appeared to improve though I did wonder if he had simply worked out ways to get around without putting stress on the dodgy leg.  I decided to go ahead with the visit anyway, which was yesterday, the 21st.

Of course the visit was only to go ahead on the proviso that I could actually catch Cagney.  I was fortunate that Cagney & Bezukhov thought I was ‘going in’ to catch Bezukhov for his every-other-day medication but I surprised them both by grabbing Cagney!  I popped him in the travel cage ready for his jaunt.  With the way he was climbing around the cage it was apparent something was still very wrong with his foot.  His toes seemed floppy.

Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) gave him an examination.  Other than his foot, all appeared well.  He weighed a healthy 47 grams (surprised me – I thought he would be be a lot less).  She trimmed his beak & his toenails.  His toenails were long though not as long as they have been in the past.  We assume he gets them caught, thereby pulling on his leg & causing an injury.  Ms EHV confirmed that the two outer toes on his right foot were affected & the ‘floppiness’ was most probably caused by stretched or strained ligaments.

She gave him an anti-inflammatory injection & said that it could take many weeks for his foot to heal.  It is also likely he will be left with some weakness in that area.  She gave me some Metacam to give him (orally) once a day for the next few days.  (I am not sure how administering of that will happen).

On our return, Cagney was welcomed with lots of shouting, although quite a lot of that was Phineas squawking as I had abandoned him before he could have his morning constitutional.  I made some perch adjustments in the Manor so Cagney has a soft rope perch to roost on.  Hopefully he will get a chance to rest his foot & his toes will return to full working order.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Just for the record, here is a video of Cagney on the swinging perch the day before his visit to the vet.  You can see his foot is not functioning properly, although it does not stop him playing with the beads.






Phineas & the spider plant

Recently, I have noticed some strange behaviour from Phineas.

Phineas & the spider plant

Phineas & the spider plant

I have become accustomed to his fly-bys.  Without looking up from my laptop, I can tell his flight path by the heavy flapping of his wings & the displaced air.  However, some of his flyovers seemed to fall short.  When I turned to investigate what was happening, it appeared that Phineas was attempting to land on the spider plant to my left.

To date, he has not managed a landing which is just as well as I am pretty sure he would knock the plant over!  It has reminded me of the past when Cagney developed a fascination with my spider plants.  Bezukhov soon joined him & I recall that Raspy also wanted in on the act.  After I changed my furniture, although the plants were returned in similar positions, the interest had gone.

I wonder why Phineas has suddenly noticed this particular plant now?  Sometimes it is very difficult to get inside a budgie mind!

(Click on photo to enlarge)



Familiar yellow parcels

The wild, seeded grass is back!  Our very kind follower rosebudgie has sent the first wild grass of 2015.

The yellow parcel was a familiar & very welcome sight.  It arrived on the 30th April & was address to the ‘Reverend Sensible Bezukhov’.   This was followed six days later (6th May) by the second parcel addressed to ‘Sir Charming Cagney’.  The third followed seven days later (13th May) & was for the ‘Rt Hon Phineas’.


As predicted, the Toyboys & Phineas were initially dumbfounded as to what these strange green things were that I was waving about with excitement, but they soon remembered the delights & it did not take long for them to tuck in.

I pegged the grass out in six different places but naturally they all wanted the piece the others were eating.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Here they are in action:

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Poopy pictures

When I am working, I sit at the table in the corner of the room.  I have my back to the wall & face the room, with a good view of all the feathery goings-on.

Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas also have a good view of me sitting there.  This only appears to be of importance to Phineas.  He knows exactly where I am if he requires my attention.  The attention is usually for one of two things: a regurgitation session or a hand jive session.

In the video below, you can see Phinny hanging off the side of the Manor, willing me to go over.  The reason he keeps running off to the right is because he wants me to go to a specific regurgitation/jiggy-jiggy location.


You will also notice he flies towards me at one point.  This happens if I am not quick enough to attend to him.  He does repeated flyovers until I succumb to his will.

Over time, I have noticed a gradual arc of poops in my working corner, corresponding to his flyovers.  I have found poop on my papers, on my laptop, around the wall & on my pictures.  I am amazed that of all these poops, not one has landed on me.  Yet.


Who?  Me?

Who? Me?


Two as one

For those with lots of birds, it must be difficult to keep track of their whereabouts.  At times, I find it difficult with just three.  Instinctively, I do a roll call, especially if I have been out of the room for a few minutes during their out-of-cage time.  A count to three does not take long (three seconds!) but sometimes the search for the missing third can take longer.

The other day, I was sitting at my table, working.  All was quiet, so quiet that I stopped what I was doing to visually check all was okay.

  • Phineas preening in the manor – check.
  • Cagney snoozing in the Ferplast – check.
  • Bezukhov… where is Bezukhov?

The first areas to scan are near the seed pots.  Nope, no sign.  At the window?  No.  Behind the chewy toy?  No.

Oh, THERE he is….  Sitting next to Cagney!

Cagney & Bezukhov sitting together

Cagney & Bezukhov sitting together



The grey cells

In his spare time, Phineas pretends to be Hercule Poirot:

Phineas Poirot

Phineas Poirot


To help Phineas put his own spin on the little Belgian detective, he adjusts the scripts a little:


  • Lemon: It’s only been three weeks since your last case.
  • Hercule Poirot: Three weeks is an eternity to a brain like mine. Without the constant stimulation, my little grey cells will starve and die.


  • Mama: It’s only been three minutes since your last jiggy.
  • Phineas Poirot: Three minutes is an eternity to a brain like mine. Without the constant stimulation, my little grey cells will starve and die.

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Remembering Thomas on his adoption day

Thomas came into our home on this day, 2 years ago.  He was, we believe, around 4 months old at the time, putting his birthday (or hatchday) at sometime in January.  As we do not know the exact date that he came into this world, we will remember the date he came into our lives.


Always in our thoughts.


Are we friends?

With the ongoing medicating saga with Bezukhov, I have been worried that he would grow to dislike me.

Giving him medicine every other morning at least gives us a break & also prevents an association between ‘waking up’ & medicine or even ‘going to bed’ (if he thinks ahead) & medicine.

Yes, I iz forgiving.

Yes, I iz forgiving.

Nevertheless, on those mornings he cannot be happy with me chasing him around the Manor, grabbing him, grabbing him again, grabbing him once again, waving a medicine-firing implement around & leaving him with sticky stuff around his chin & most probably a nasty taste in his beak.

Fortunately for me, Bezukhov has a forgiving nature.  It helps that medicine time is specific.  He knows that once I put him back in the Manor (or not, if naughty Cagney has snuck out!) that I am not going to harass him for the rest of the day.

However, for a short time afterwards, maybe 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour, he needs his recovery time.  Apart from the obvious upset of being grabbed etc., I think he also needs to recover from the loss of face of actually being caught in the first place.  During his recovery, at intervals I go up to him & ask, Are we friends?  At the same time, I blink slowly & hope he will respond in kind.  He usually does, eventually.

Recovery is definitely over when he eats his seed.

Everything is back to normal then.

I am forgiven.

We are friends again.



Hot pink perch

A few months back, I posted that Phinny’s bedtime swing had been damaged beyond repair.  Initially, so Phineas had somewhere to sleep, I gave him the Toyboys’ ttmss swing as they only used theirs sporadically.

Parcel from the US of A

Parcel from the US of A

Phineas breaking in the hot pink perch

Phineas breaking in the hot pink perch

A manly Phineas on his hot pink swing

A manly Phineas on his hot pink swing

Phineas loves his swing

Phineas loves his swing

When the new replacement swing arrived, that was slightly different to the old one, I gave it a ‘test drive’ in the Manor.  Both Cagney & Bezukhov completely ignored it.  The next test was in Phinny’s cage.  One day, when he was out & about I replaced the Toyboys’ old swing (I hope you are keeping up with the swing versions!) with the new replacement swing.  However, that did not have as good a reception as I had hoped.  I found Phineas stopped dead in his tracks on the perch next to it (where he then jumps onto it), looking puzzled, confused & bewildered.  I put the old swing back.

It was then time to return to the internet for a proper replacement.  Previously, I had found it online but the cost for postage & packaging was expensive, hence buying the slightly different (& now I know, completely inadequate) one.  I thought I would bite the bullet & pay the P&P costs, but it was out of stock!  Cue another frenzied internet search!

So, I found another swing that looked pretty similar, in the US.  P&P was obviously high for the UK, but was not as high as the out of stock one.  I decided to get it!  Surprisingly, the swing arrived within a few days & with much hope, I opened the parcel….

Fantastic!  It is virtually the same swing!

Oh goodness me!  What a bright, garish, girly PINK!

Well, I knew they would not have a problem with the design & structure…. but the colour?  Even *I* had a problem with the colour!

I checked to see if the old perches could be interchanged with the new one, thereby reducing the amount of pink on the eye, but they were too fat to fit into the gaps.  The new perches would fit the old swing though, so to break Phineas into the new swing (& colour!) gently, I gave him one hot pink perch.  Would he sit on it?

Naturally, the change was made whilst he was out & about.  The first one to notice it was Cagney.  He bounced onto the open door platform, about to go in to eat Phinny’s seed, but looked up at the hot pink, stopped suddenly, then turned tail & flew back to the safety of the Manor!  This did not bode well.

Phineas it seems, is made of sterner stuff though.  He took the new hot pink in his stride, so much so that the very next day the whole of his bedtime swing turned hot pink.  You will see from the photos that he is happy with it.  It also has an extra feature of a little loop on the bottom so I was able to hang some beads in case he wanted to count them to help him sleep.


The road well trodden

My last post was about Cagney’s visit to the vet on Bank Holiday Monday (6th April).  Over the following week, Cagney gradually recovered & has returned to his normal self, although he is moulting so a little quieter than usual.

Bezukhov in the travel cage again

Bezukhov in the travel cage again

Bezukhov's slightly orange poop

Bezukhov’s slightly orange poop

Unfortunately, just 10 days after his vet visit, the path was trod again, but this time for Bezukhov.  He had a spate of seizures.  To be exact, 6, in 5 days.  Not good.  So, we went to see Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) on the morning of the 16th April.

She had previously said to repeat blood tests at the end of May, in particular to check on his liver & gall bladder function.  However, because of the recent ‘episodes’, that were worryingly close together, she gave him an injection of multivitamins & also Laurabolin (steroids).  The thinking is that his moult had triggered the episodes & giving him a vitamin boost should help him through it.

Ms EHV specifically wanted to make sure his vitamin B complexes were topped up – they are the most likely to be low during a moult, and vitamin B is heavily involved with nerve function.

Whilst Ms EHV was handling Bezukhov for the injection, she checked him over.  Though he was looking rough, with pin feathers on his head (he also lost a tail feather recently) & sticky medicine beginning to build up around his beak, she found that all appeared well.  He weighed either 51 or 53 g (I cannot remember what she said now!) & but do recall her saying he was slightly overweight but that was to his advantage during moulting time.

On our return home, Bezukhov was chirping to the others as soon as he heard them.  He wanted to get out the travel cage pretty quickly too.  Apart from a few obligatory orange poops, he seemed to recover from the trip quickly & we all settled back into our usual routines.

I am hoping this road will not be trod again until the end of May for Bezukhov’s follow up blood tests.

Moulting Toyboys

Moulting Toyboys



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