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Blue newbies – new surroundings & new friends?

When Perry & Lennie arrived, they spent a few weeks in quarantine (click here to read that post).  On the 9th December 2016, they were wheeled into the lounge, to the opposite side of the room from their new friends (hopefully), Bezukhov & Dalai.

After some initial surprised chirping, Bezukhov & Dalai quickly reverted to ‘indifference’.

Perry was so shocked, he started panting & was rooted to the spot.  Lennie took the changes in his stride.  As you can see from the video below, Lennie attempted to calm Perry by chewing his toes:


After a short time, Perry began to loosen up & they both started to settle into their new surroundings:


From the photos below, you can see Perry & Lennie’s new position & also how Bezukhov & Dalai carried on as normal!


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Remembering Phineas: The unanswered question

This post is a slight departure from my usual posts.





I have an overriding question, that I have been unable to get a firm or satisfactory answer to, & that is, “Did Phineas get adequate care during his overnight stay at the veterinary hospital?

Why can I not get an answer?  It is my word against the hospital’s.  All I need to know is what actually happened whilst Phineas was waiting for his delayed operation.  Was he eating?  Did he eat enough?  Was he stressed or did he settle down?  Was he being attended to?  Did anybody care?

Phineas went from being absolutely doted on & adored, to effectively being abandoned (by me) for 24 hours, whilst he stayed overnight at the veterinary hospital because the priority of his operation was downgraded, hence it being put off until the following day.  Personally, I will always regret not bringing him home as soon as I heard of the delay.  I understand that things were not clear cut (i.e., initially being told the operation would be the next morning, not the next afternoon) & that I was advised it would be disruptive to bring him home & then back again, particularly as he had (allegedly) settled.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Had I really thought about it…… how could Phinny have been remotely ‘settled’ in a strange place away from all that he knew & loved?

20130808_135808_sh21Would he have survived the operation had he not been so stressed leading up to it?

If anyone reading this is in (or will be in) a similar situation where their bird needs to be kept overnight, I urge you to do all you can to make sure you feel confident your bird is genuinely comfortable.  Do not just accept the words of a member of staff who is a stranger to the bird but question them until you are satisfied.

If any veterinarians or veterinarian staff are reading this, I would like to state, obvious though it seems, that birds require care and a skill set that is quite different from non-exotic pets, & the owner’s knowledge of their bird could help you greatly in administering the best care.

In memory of my beautiful friend, Phineas.  I am so sorry… I will always regret not bringing you home that evening.



Poop in a Paper Pot?

When Spearmint Perry & Lennie Denisov were in quarantine, I kept a close eye on their poops.  One day, when I was cleaning out the bottom of their cage, I noticed an interesting pattern on the paper; their poop seemed to be exploding from a pot of yoghurt!

I have visions of the lady with long brown hair, eagerly peeling back the top of the yoghurt pot, anticipating a feeling of bliss, only to be sprayed with lots of poop!  It is enough to put you off yoghurt. 😀



Blue newbies – the early days

Spearmint Perry & Lennie Denisov came to our home on the 14th of November 2016.  They had been in a busy cage of about 10-12 budgies. Though I specifically got two so they had company during quarantine, I thought it still might take some time for them to adjust to the quieter surroundings.  I hoped they would also become friends during quarantine.

They were indeed very quiet that first evening; both sat together on the perch in the corner.  Fortunately, the perch they chose to sit on had the millet spray by it, so they were able to eat something without having to be particularly brave.

It did not take long for Perry & Lennie to relax into their new cage.  They were relatively quiet at first, but tucked into the millet quickly & had a tentative explore of their new home.  I initially put seed in a dish on the floor of the cage as that was how they were used to feeding.  I was happy they were eating but it was quite a few days before I actually saw them drink.


Gradually, they started checking out different things.  They found the little white dish with tonic seed.  They found the central chewy toy which provided (& still provides!) hours of beak action.  That particular toy was a success – the raffia could be chewed & pulled out, the paper string could be chewed & the little knots untied & beads could be played with (before they fell off!) & wooden blocks could be climbed.


It took them a bit longer to work out how to use the swing, but once they did, they used to sleep together on it of a night.

Perry & Lennie snoozing together on the swing

Perry & Lennie snoozing together on the swing


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Remembering Thomas: Three years on

Three years ago today, our beautiful Thomas made his way to rainbow bridge.




Still in our thoughts & still missed.



Update on the Blue Newbies

It has been awhile since I posted about the new additions to our flock (click here).

Flock dynamics are still being established.  The blue newbies are being let out regularly for exercise & also to get to know their surroundings & new flock mates.  At the time of writing, if they are all out together, they are heavily supervised.  Bezukhov & Dalai are having to adjust to having two highly energetic youngsters in their midst & quite often need some ‘time out’, or rather ‘in’, i.e., in a locked cage for some peace.

The blue newbies now have names:

Spearmint Perry, otherwise known as Sperry Perry, appears to be the more dominant of the two.  He is possibly slightly more mature in character, though next to Bezukhov & Dalai, not in the slightest mature!

Spearmint Perry

Spearmint Perry


Lennie Denisov, otherwise known as Lennie Dennie, is very busy & playful.

Lennie Denisov

Lennie Denisov


Sperry Perry & Lennie Dennie get on well with each other, sometimes feeding & preening the other one.  They both enjoy playing with & chewing the toys in their cage.

Blue newbies playing with chewy toy

Blue newbies playing with chewy toy


I am sure they will generate lots of tales for this blog. 🙂


Uneven wings

Last month, Dalai moulted out quite a few wing feathers.  The only problem was that they were from his left wing only.  His flying was compromised; he was landing in unplanned places.  However, he soon worked out where the problem lay & adjusted his flight.  He seemed to fly with more of a wobble, but had more control over where he was going.

Here he is on the 20th December:




Fortunately, just a few weeks later, his wing feathers have grown back & normal flying has been resumed.





2016 Review – A year of changes

Compared to other years, 2016 saw many changes in the flock.

The year began with just Bezukhov & Phineas, having lost Cagney a few months before.  Bezukhov & Phineas were unlikely friends, given their history; Phineas originally disliked Bezukhov because he was jealous he was Cagney’s buddy.  Probably due to Bezukhov’s patience & tolerance, he & Phineas gradually developed a good friendship.

In March, they were joined by Dalai.  We now had three very different personalities in the flock: Bezukhov the easy-going one, Phineas the ‘full-on’ one & Dalai the independent one.  They all found their own place in the flock & things were ticking over nicely.  Then we lost Phineas.

Bezukhov & Dalai struck up a friendship that I think had its grounds in both thinking Phineas was a little bit annoying.  With Phineas gone, they both gradually settled into a comfortable routine which I then upset by introducing two new & young blue birds to the flock.  At the time of writing, flock dynamics are still being sorted out.

So, we start 2017 in a very different place to when we started 2016.   We look forward to all the new (hopefully happy) happenings & challenges ahead of us, but will still occasionally stop & remember the memorable moments & marvellous characters that have brought us to this point.

Happy New Year.



2016 Review – Countries

During 2016, I have been amazed at the number of countries that have viewed this blog.  I feel compelled to list them all here, to celebrate shared interests across the globe.

The following countries generated the most views:

United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates

Followed closely by:

South Africa
South Korea
Trinidad & Tobago

Not forgetting:

Austria, Mexico, Israel, Malaysia, Estonia, Palestinian Territories, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Switzerland, Ghana, Nepal, Bahrain, Finland, Macedonia, Egypt, Argentina, Hong Kong SAR China,  Dominican Republic, Kenya, Croatia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia,  Uzbekistan, Iraq, Gibraltar, Uganda, Algeria, Albania, Iceland, Chile, Costa Rica, Jersey, Cape Verde,  Lithuania, Serbia, Côte d’Ivoire, Barbados, Venezuela, Uruguay, Mauritius, Angola, Colombia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Moldova


I am sure that not all these countries came to this blog wanting to read about budgies, but I hope they were not too disappointed to see beautiful feathery faces looking back at them.



2016 Review – Search Terms

This post takes a look at the various search terms that brought people to this blog during 2016.  The most common searches are reflected in posts that had most views (see here).

Search terms related to randy budgies

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Search terms related to noisy budgies

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Search terms related to moulting budgies

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Another popular search was related to cages

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Unlike previous years, search terms in 2016 were remarkably sensible.  That, or possibly Wordpress have filtered out the stranger ones!

I hope this blog has continued to be informative for those searching for budgie related issues.