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Preening Perry’s head

Perry still likes to have his head preened & Dalai still likes to oblige.





Summer banner

I am very proud to report that follower rosebudgie’s dearly departed Ian & Marshall feature on the summer-themed banner of the budgerigars forum!

There is a competition each season to select a new banner, with the winner voted for by the members.  The following is the winner:


As you can see, it shows Ian & Marshall travelling the world on their summer holiday.  It can be seen in situ here: http://budgerigarsforum.proboards.com/ until the end of September.  Do take a look & have a browse around the friendly & informative forum.

Silly walk

Dalai’s toenails were getting long.

I kept putting off doing something about them, hoping he would sort them out by himself but he did not.  He let them get so long that he was having difficulty walking across bars & had to lift his foot up each time to make sure the curly part of his nail was free.  He was starting to look silly walking across the bars & was also face planting when his timing was not quite right.


Perry also had a long toenail; it was so long it started to curl in the opposite direction.  He sorted that out himself though.

AFTER: Dalai’s toenails

For Dalai, though, the vet was called & she visited last Thursday (15th).

It was a relief to me when she cut his toenails down to a manageable level.  I had taken a couple of toys out of his cage, in case he got his toenails caught in them, but now they could be returned.

As the vet was here, she thought it would be a good idea to cut both Perry & Lennie’s toenails too.

Perry was first – he managed to fly out the cage during the chase but was caught quickly.  The vet checked out his lump & confirmed it is still growing.  After his toenails were cut, he was put back in the cage.  Lennie decided to do the same & also snuck out the cage but once again, he was caught quickly.  He is a real wriggler, so it took a little longer to cut his toenails.

When the vet returned Lennie to the cage, she noticed Perry was bleeding, so she grabbed him instantly & a styptic pen was used on the offending toenail to stop the flow.  We observed him for awhile to make sure he was okay.



Though the visit was ‘only’ to cut toenails, I felt quite upset afterwards.  It is never pleasant when they have to be caught & it was distressing to see Perry bleeding & knowing that too much blood loss can be problematic.  I am grateful the vet acted so speedily.  The confirmation that Perry’s lump is still growing was also a blow as I was hoping it would be the type that would just slow down & stop.  At some point I will need to make a decision as to what the next step will be.

Until then, all is well & all toenails are the correct length!

Lennie, Dalai & Perry




Remembering Raspy on her birthday

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

Here is a video of Raspy engaged in one of her favourite activities – biting my fingers:


Always in our thoughts.




Remembering Atilla on her birthday

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

Here is a video of Atilla chewing my jumper, from about 8 years ago.  Her boyfriend, Cagney, makes an appearance.


Always in our thoughts.



Lennie likes a bath

When Lennie commits to a bath, he really goes for it:

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Wet Lennie, flying


Peeling a pea

Does anyone else peel peas for their birds?

Dalai & Perry like sugar snap peas (Lennie not so much) but tend to ignore them if they are not peeled.  They also eat more when I present a peeled portion of pea on my finger.


I have been reflecting on those who were here before.  Cagney loved a pea.  He would expertly hull the pea & eat the treasure inside.  Phineas also loved a pea but would eat the casing too.  He would chomp down & it was all gone in a second.  Some earlier posts on peas are here:

Pea preference

Peas, peas and more peas


Three in one

Last Friday (12th) we had a visit from the vet, to check over all three, Dalai, Perry & Lennie.  I had/have concerns about all of them for various reasons, one of which may be my paranoia!

At the time the vet came, Lennie was locked in by himself so we decided he would be first up.  I had concerns that he was having trouble flying –  only that morning he had attempted a lap of the room & landed in the plant pot!  The vet checked over his wings & found some missing flight feathers on both wings.  She said his heart sounded fine, which suggested the flying problem was a result of moulted-out feathers, which should be resolved when they have all grown back in again.  The only problem with this is that I find that when a bird has a few crash landings, their confidence can be dented & they are put off flying again, which in turn makes the problem worse.  Hopefully Lennie gets over this & is flying well soon.

The big shock with Lennie is that the vet weighed him & said he was 64g!!!  She did not seem concerned as she said he was clearly not overweight but did have a full gizzard.  There is a slight chance there may be a mass behind the gizzard, so I am to keep my eye on him.


Perry was up next.  The last time the vet visited, she identified a lump, which has since been growing.  Sometimes, at certain angles & when he is fluffed up, the lump is not noticeable at all.  However, it is definitely there, defined & dense.  It currently appears to be isolated, i.e., not attached to anything major.  Certainly, it is not imposing on Perry’s health or behaviour yet, but at sometime in the future I may need to get a sample from it in order to work out possible treatment.  Perry weighed a very respectable 55g, lump & all.

Perry contemplating eating some vegetables


Dalai was last.  He has been very much under the weather & his poops had changed.  He did have a very dodgy poop that was ringed with red, but I only found one of those (believe me, I was checking ALL of them after that discovery!) & the vet said he may have strained when passing that particular one.  The day before the vet came out, Dalai dropped a mountain of feathers overnight, which then made it clear that a lot of my concerns were most probably because he was moulting (again!).  Additionally, he has developed a dark mark on his beak.  I was not aware of him having bumped/crashed into anything for it be a bruise.  The vet thought it was either a blood blister or just a pigmentation change.  Dalai’s weight was also respectable, coming in at 45g.



So, for a change, the vet did not leave me with any medication.  It took Dalai, Perry & Lennie awhile to recover from all the prodding & poking & it took me awhile to recover from the news of Lennie’s weight… in fact, if truth be told, my jaw is still on the floor over it!



Remembering Bezukhov: One year on

One year ago today, our beautiful Bezukhov made his way to rainbow bridge.



Always in our thoughts.

Love you my beautiful boy.



Remembering Bezukhov on his birthday

Today would have been Bezukhov’s 9th birthday.  It will be the first birthday for some time that he will be able to celebrate with his best buddy, Cagney.

I hope they are both having a lovely time over at Rainbow Bridge & that fennel (that they are both enjoying in the video below) is plentiful:


Thinking of you, my beautiful boy.

We love you.