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Arrival of the boys

On Sunday the 24th October 2010, I picked up the two young lads from a local breeder. She had three ready to go and I could pick two of them. One was a female which fortunately meant I did not have a choice. However, Bezukhov was the first to look up at me with his big, baby black eyes and I was immediately smitten!

Cagney had been partly hand-reared so was quite friendly. In fact, they were both sociable, lively and noisy – all good signs. Cagney’s father was apparently a failed rainbow budgie so Cagney has some interesting colouring. Bezukhov is basically the same colouring as Raspy but a normal rather than an opaline. He’s also more of a blue shade whereas Raspy has more green.

They went into quarantine in my bedroom for a few weeks. This would help them to acclimatise and also, hopefully, get used to me. They were never afraid of hands so were quite quick to eat from my fingers. After a few days they were both happily dancing on the palm of my hand.

The toyboys on their first day


2 responses to “Arrival of the boys

  1. featheredfiends 6 April 2012 at 15:04

    Aw look at the baby faced boys, they are so cute 🙂


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