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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fennel anyone?

Wow!  Cagney LOVES fennel!  I tried them all with a few slices of fennel & Cagney gobbled it up.  The others could take it or leave it.  In reality, they had to make their minds up quickly before Cagney finished it all off. 🙂


Upper Arm Pinch

The Upper Arm Pinch is a new game invented by Raspy.  Basically, she chews at my sleeve & pinches my upper arm skin at the same time.  Great idea, eh?!

Here she is, sitting on the arm of the chair, pinching away….

The animated version…..

The end result… Ouch!

If the sleeve fits…

Raspy is currently obsessed with chewing my clothes.

It took ages to clean their cage bottom this evening.  When bent over, she jumped on my back & started chewing.  Bezukhov & Cagney joined her.  When upright she was on my hand, reaching out for my jumper.  I did most of the cleaning one-handed!

She particularly likes my sleeves & will often rummage around inside.  I tell her there’s not enough space but she still tries to squeeze in.  She got in up to her bottom one time.

Seeing double

Cagney: Bejesus!  I’m seeing double!  That liquid calcium she slips in our water is pretty potent stuff…

Landing platform dump

Further to my post on the 24th January – “Reverse potty training?” –  I can report that Atilla definitely poops outside the cage when the option is available.

She isn’t pooping as often as the others but seems to hold on a bit longer & then lets go of an extra large poop.  (They still look like “pre-egg” poops to me.)  Anyway, she sits on her swing then suddenly looks a bit anxious…. climbs off & runs to the landing platform where she promptly deposits her poop over the side!

Not what I ordered

Cagney has got quite bold & often, when I come out the kitchen holding something, he wants to know if it’s something he can eat.  He will usually do a “fly by” just to check he’s not missing out on any yummy food.  Today, I had ryvita with tuna pate.  This seemed to intrigue him.  As I was walking to my seat he landed on the edge of my plate.  However, the look he gave me was very much a “What is this?  It’s not what I ordered!

When I sat down, he had to check it out again & this time landed on my plate & actually pecked at the tuna pate.  It definitely wasn’t what he had ordered. He went on his way, probably a bit disappointed….

Knee preen

Bezukhov is going through a moult at the moment.  Wherever he is, he usually stops for a few moments to sort out his feathers.  Here he is on my knee….

Entwined tootsies

Well, not quite holding hands but holding tootsies instead.

Here are Cagney & Atilla, with tootsies entwined, during a regurgitating session earlier this evening….


(Pleased to see that Atilla’s injured toe has not hampered her ability to stand on Cagney’s foot!)

Apologies for dreadful picture quality… it’s a result of some sneaky stalking so as not to disturb them. 🙂

Mystery of the injured toe

It was not enough for Atilla to produce an egg for me to investigate on my return home.  No.  She also had a toe injury to alarm me.

Here she is, sitting on her swing holding one foot up in a suspicious manner…..








Close up of the injured toe:

When I was able to take a proper look I found she had dried blood all over one toe & the toenail was just a stump.  I assume the toenail has been torn off just beyond the quick & that is where the blood has come from.  The blood has spread over the rest of her foot.  It looks quite bad.  However, she is fine…. walking okay & leaning on that foot…. & behaving as normal (well as normal as Atilla can behave these days).

I searched the cage for signs of where she may have caught her toe but have found nothing.  The only other option is that one of the others has hurt her.  I don’t like to think that would be the case.  If anything, I’m sure she would have given as good as she got, in which case one of the others would be sporting a black eye!

I feel bad that I was not there for her when it happened.

Egg No.9 – small but perfectly formed

Egg No.9 arrived today, 6 days after the last one.  It appears smaller than the others & this may be why it did not break.  It was possibly small enough to drop through the grid on the bottom of the cage, resulting in a few hairline fractures but still whole with no escaped yolk.