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She got her own breakfast!

Atilla has been quite lively today. In fact, she got her own breakfast this morning which gave little Cagney an all too brief break from feeding her. She has also flown to me 3 times. One time I was at my laptop in the corner & they don’t normally fly there. I saw her on the cage looking over. I got up, put my arm out & she flew over! Very clever girl. Another time I was at the window. She sat on my arm for a few moments looking out the window then flew back to the cage.

Atilla does this thing that the others don’t do….. the others will wait for me to hold out my arm or finger to land on, but she will come bombing towards me with no warning. It’s like she expects the red carpet to be rolled out regardless.


2 responses to “She got her own breakfast!

  1. rose 14 January 2011 at 08:27

    I hope your arm is STRONG, Sweetpea!


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