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Is Cagney a cad?

We have had more shenanigans this evening with Cagney chasing Raspy.  They were half covered & almost ready for bed when he decided Raspy was the girl for him.  She was on the ttmss swing & he jumped on it, but not on the other side but on her side.  All hell broke loose.  I opened the door to see if I could break them up but Cagney kept climbing over my hand again to get to Raspy.  A couple of times Raspy walked up my arm & I think she wanted to hide on my shoulder.  In the end, I put their big cover on & Cagney seemed to calm down.

Let me take a peek & see where they all are now…. [goes to look]…. Raspy is on the back swing. Atilla is on the front swing.  Strangely, Bezuky is on top of Atilla’s swing?  On seeing me, Cagney got off the top perch & went to snog Atilla…..  All is reasonably well it seems…

Here is Cadney…. Oops…. of course I mean Cagney!


3 responses to “Is Cagney a cad?

  1. Rose 18 January 2011 at 08:17

    You’re a very bad boy, Caggers!


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