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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Footprints in the dust

The toy boys are quite the little adventurers when they are out of the cage.  They have been venturing where no pudding has gone before.  At this rate I will have to dust where I have not dusted before. 🙂

Bezukhov's tootsie prints on top of old laptop

Seed heist

Earlier, I refreshed their seed & was about to put one of the montana seed pots back in the Manor when I remembered something in the kitchen…. I put the seed pot down on the back of the futon, turned my back for a few moments & returned to this………

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To look at them, anyone would think they had not had seed in ages, when in reality it has been available all day.  Naughty little boys could not even wait for me to put the pot back in the Manor.  Maybe the odd location excited them!



Me? Scary?

For the first time in ages, Atilla took advantage of a misting & got wet.  There was no dill to roll about in, only basil, but it inspired her enough to fluff up & shake herself about in the spray.  Raspy got a little damp.  The boys chose to stay dry but enthusiastically preened themselves as if they had got wet!

Me? Scary?

Bedraggled Atilla & two dry toyboys:

One… Two… Where’s three & four?

Puddings & toyboys are covered over for bed. I just had a peek to see if all was well. I did the usual count….

One (Atilla)…. on swing… CHECK

Two (Raspy)… on other swing… CHECK

Three (Cagney)… can’t find him…. [peers closer]…. oh, he’s on top of the third swing, between the swing & the roof of the cage….. he sometimes sleeps there….. CHECK

Four (Bezukhov)…. Hmm…. not on third swing (though Cagney on top of it)…. not on loft perch…. not eating…. or on swinging perch…. Hmm… Oh, there he is, on top of the other side of the third swing….. CHECK

Goodnight my little darlings.  See you in the morning.

Separation, Vet, Runaround & Reunion (again)

Due to various concerns about Atilla’s health, I had arranged a vet visit for this afternoon.

The Night Before

With the previous vet visits in mind, I thought it would be best to separate the puddings & toyboys otherwise there would be complete chaos.  My plan was to let them out in the morning, remove seed from the Manor in the hope the boys would go into the Ferplast for seed, at the same time, so I could lock them in there.  As it happens, the night before, Cagney went into the Ferplast for a nosey & Bezukhov followed him in.  This seemed an opportunity too good to miss, so I closed the door behind them!

Oh dear.  As soon as the boys realised (pretty quickly) they could not get to their girls they started  jumping around going crazy!  To Bezukhov’s credit, he did stop for a few moments to have some seed, but Cagney (he of the biggest appetite of all) could not think of food.  To calm them down I wheeled them into my bedroom, like quarantine days, & hoped that with the girls out of sight, they would settle down.  They didn’t!  They called & jumped around up until bedtime when the cover was over them & lights were low.  They slept well but as soon as it was time to get up, they were jumping around again!

How did the girls cope without the boys? Well, they seemed fine!  Atilla initially looked confused that she could get from one end of the perch to the other without a Cagney on her back!  They circled around each other a bit but then went & had supper together.  It was the first time I had seen Atilla eat more than a few seeds as Cagney usually feeds her.  They both settled down to sleep on their swings.

The Morning

Detail from Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam

The boys were still jumping around & shouting – not settled at all.  The girls seemed quite laid back & had a long, leisurely breakfast together.  Atilla was looking well-groomed again (difficult to keep feathers in place when Cagney is crawling all over you, I guess!)  Strangely, since getting together with the boys, they have been far quieter than usual.  However, this morning, without the boys, I noticed they were more vocal again, shouting & even having little tantrums.  It was like old times!  I even noticed a tender moment when they gently touched beaks –  Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam came to mind.

Vet Visit

Mr Vet peered into the Manor & immediately Raspy started flapping about.  She clearly has a good memory.  The plan was to catch Atilla first.  Unfortunately she bombed out the big cage door past Mr Vet (room was already budgie-safe, windows closed etc.)  She’s not the best of fliers & crash-landed in a few different places (poor girl).  At one point she was on my finger & Mr Vet said to keep her there whilst he got Raspy.

Oh dear. I was trying to calm Atilla down, talking softly to her, as she was a bit stressed, but in the background Mr Vet was chasing Raspy around the Manor. When he caught her, she growled the whole time her toenails were trimmed.  I didn’t realise until after, but she bit Mr Vet.  He told her off once she was safely back in the cage.  I did offer Mr Vet a bandage for his finger but he declined, saying not to worry, he had another 9 fingers & thumbs.

Anyway, then it was Atilla’s turn & she growled just as loud as Raspy.  Mr Vet gave her a good prod & poke & then popped her back into the Manor.  The indignity of it all!

The Diagnosis

Mr Vet pronounced both girls fit. He said that the 9 eggs Atilla had laid would have placed strain on her body & it may take a little longer for her to recover fully.  It’s possible that when she does, she may start laying eggs again.  It’s very important I carry on with the liquid calcium.

The Aftermath

After Mr Vet & his assistant disappeared, I half covered the puddings to help them recover from the ordeal.  After a short time they started preening & having a little shout which indicated they were ready to return to normality.  Of course “normality” these days includes two little toyboys.

Together Again

Enter stage left… two toyboys desperate for their puddings.  The boys were wheeled back in…  The girls came out onto the landing platform to greet their long-lost loves… The Ferplast door was opened & Cagney shot out like a bullet & nearly knocked over Atilla in his haste to get to her!  Bezukhov followed close behind.  Lots of kissy-kissy ensued…. Followed by lots of jiggy-jiggy!

Raspy & Bezuky’s reunion…..

Atilla & Cagney’s reunion only the camera came first for Atilla…

Ahem….. lots to catch up on!

All the activity must have tired them out. For the first time ever, I saw Cagney snoozing during the day.  I had to do a double take to make sure he was really sleeping!  Bezuky retired to a bedtime swing for a snooze.  Atilla was head under wing on her ttmss swing & Raspy was dozing on the swinging perch.  I have put them to bed earlier this evening & they have not complained. 🙂

Parting a pudding from her swing

Every week, I swap over Atilla’s ttmss swing with a clean one.

Atilla is very, very possessive over it.  I have to approach the swap as if it were a military operation as otherwise my fingers would be in shreds. In recent weeks, she has been spending the majority of her time on it.  All day, I am looking for the best opportunity to swap it, i.e., when she 1) not sitting on it, & 2) otherwise engaged.

Today, I put the clean one ready nearby.  When she came out for a poop, I quickly slipped out the dirty one but she saw me put it on the back of the futon & before I could pop the clean one in, she bombed past, misjudged her position & landed on the floor.  (Quick as a flash, both Cagney & Bezukhov were beside her – they are like bodyguards when she lands on the floor!) She stepped up & I put her on the futon so she could be with the dirty ttmss swing whilst I put the clean one in.  Of course she saw me handling the clean one & had to be with that, so I offered my hand & took her over to it & for once, she did not bite my fingers.

It’s all such a fuss!

Here is Atilla on her beloved ttmss swing….

Don't touch MY swing!

Look at that face….. would you dare part that girl from her swing?

Who’s been eating MY seed?

Tonight, Cagney was a bit mean with the seed pots.

There are three seed pots for four of them.  They usually eat on some kind of rota system but I have often seen Raspy, Bezukhov & Cagney eat at the same time.  However, this evening, he wanted the three seed pots to himself.  Raspy wanted her bedtime seed but he was not letting her get it.  In the end, I offered seed to her from my hand which she readily took.

Cagney, of course wondered why she was getting preferential treatment…  He chased her off my hand so he could eat it.  Raspy, being a smart girl, went straight to the seed pots & resumed eating there.  I think it confused Cagney a bit as he could not be in two places at once, however hard he tries.

Hopefully this is one-off behaviour from Cagney, otherwise I will have to put a fourth seed pot in the East Wing of the Manor.


Last night, all four were reunited. 🙂

Raspy foot seems fine now – I have not seen her hold it up for a couple of days.  I took the lead from Raspy regarding when would be a good time to lock them all up together.  Yesterday evening, she seemed a little reluctant to come out the Ferplast. At one point she poked her head out the door but Cagney immediately appeared so she turned & went in again!  I left her locked in for a little while & then she looked like she wanted to come out again, which she did (Cagney was eating). She had a little fly then settled back in the Manor.

Later on, the boys were messing about & Cagney grabbed Bezukhov’s foot through the bars, making him squeal. Bezuky started holding his foot up!  In fact, he sat on his seed pot, eating, with one foot up. I thought…. great…… Raspy is better & now Bezuky has a dodgy foot!  But he was fine after a few minutes. Phew!

After the usual bedtime faffing about, I peeked in & Atilla, Raspy & Bezukhov were settled on the 3 loft area swings. But where was Cagney?  Oh, sitting on top of Bezuky’s swing!


For those of a certain age, who cannot hear the word “reunited” without thinking of Peaches & Herb….. Reunited – Peaches & Herb (1979)

Morning after the night before

Both couples coped overnight in their separate homes.  However, the next morning the boys & Raspy were more than happy to get out & about.  Interestingly, having been separated, Bezukhov immediately went over to chat to Atilla & Cagney went in the Ferplast to see Raspy!  After they had said their Good Mornings, the boys had a major head bop together on top of the Ferplast. 🙂

There seemed to be no change in Raspy’s foot, after the overnight stay in the Ferplast.  She managed quite a bit of flying about & was landing fine but would then immediately hold up her foot, much like you see in this photo….

Raspy holding up her dodgy foot

It did not hamper her ability to preen her boyfriend….

They were out most of yesterday but were locked up today.  This evening, on my return home, the boys were the first to come out & again, Bezukhov shot straight over to Atilla for a little chat & Cagney said a rather long-winded “Good Evening to Raspy.  Raspy also came out but unfortunately Cagney started chasing her & she got a little stressed.  I showed her the Ferplast door & she went straight in & sat on the swing to calm down.  I locked her in so the others (Cagney) did not disturb her.  After a short time she came to the door & I let her out again.

(Yes, it could be said I am at their beck & call….)

All four chilled out, quite calmly, in the Manor for awhile, but Cagney, being Cagney started chasing Raspy again so I popped her back into the Ferplast.  Not long after, Bezukhov went in too.  It was getting late so it seemed a good time to start winding down for beddy-byes.

The good thing is that I have not seen Raspy hold her foot up, but its grip still felt slightly light on my finger, so I will give her (& her boyfriend) another day in the Ferplast & hopefully they will all be properly reunited at the weekend when I will be around to supervise!

Injury, Separation & the Ferplast

This evening I have temporarily separated the gang.  😦

Raspy holding her foot up

At some point, Raspy injured her foot. She has been holding it up & limping when walking along the perch.  I don’t believe the damage is serious as she seems to have some grip when sitting on my finger & there are no visible signs of injury.  She has also been climbing all over me & chewing my jumper so her behaviour has not changed.

Raspy had to be separated from Cagney as he sometimes chases her, which she doesn’t like.  It can stress her out & I didn’t like the thought of that happening when she was at a disadvantage with an injured foot.  It’s possible she injured her foot trying to get away from Cagney.  I saw him grab her wing earlier.  He’s not being mean… he just wants to be friends but can be a bit “forceful” about it.

So, how was I to separate them? I don’t think Raspy would have minded being on her own in the Ferplast cage – I think she would have quite liked the break – but Bezuky would not have coped with being separated from his girl.  Equally, it did not make sense to put both puddings together as then both toyboys would have been pining.  So, I have put Raspy & Bezukhov in the Ferplast & Cagney & Atilla are still in the Manor.

Initially, the boys were going spare being separated. Cagney was running around the bottom of the Manor. Bezuky was just jumping around all over the Ferplast. Raspy seemed quite settled & to be honest, I think a bit relieved to have a break from Cagney. They seem to have settled down since. Both boys have been feeding their girls so I think they will be fine tonight.