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Bezukhov the Bruiser

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, the boys had a humdinger of a fight.

I was in the kitchen & heard this terrible row.  I found the two on the floor of the cage, Bezuky had pinned Cagney down & was not getting off!  Cagney was growling loudly & was on his back, unable to move.  Bezkuky wasn’t pecking at him, just holding him down.  It seemed he had no intention of moving away.  In the end, I opened the cage door to pull Bezuky off.  He still didn’t budge even when I had my hand around him.  He must have been sooooo annoyed with Cagney!  Anyway, I finally prised him off & Cagney seemed fine & not injured.

Before I went into the kitchen, Bezuky & Raspy were getting amorous…. I suspect Cagney had been distracting Bezukhov from “getting it on” with Raspy.  I have seen this happen where Cagney seems to think it is okay to “join in”.  I believe this morning it was the last straw for Bezuky.  Let’s hope Cagney gets the message that a threesome is not welcome!

I take no prisoners


Update: Threesome, anyone?

5 responses to “Bezukhov the Bruiser

  1. Rose 3 February 2011 at 08:14

    Give Bezuky a bit of peace, Caggers!


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