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Daily Archives: 5 February 2011

Bedtime barney :(

Normally both Puddings & Toyboys are quite well-behaved come bedtime.  However, tonight there was an incident….

They were covered up but I was watching the TV (on mute so as not to disturb them!) & there seemed to be a bit of faffing about. I didn’t take much notice but then there was a commotion…. Raspy was on the floor & as she climbed up the side of the cage, Cagney was aggressively pecking at her & caught her head at one point. She stayed where she was as she could not move up as Cagney was preventing her. As she moved to the side he jabbed at her again. It seemed the only way was down. I poked two lollipop sticks through the bars to try & contain Cagney to allow Raspy to get up to a perch. She finally got to the swinging perch in the corner & Bezuky sat beside her & very sweetly tried to preen her head but she was a bit too stressed to appreciate it….

A bit later, with the TV off & lights low, I checked on them… Only Atilla & Cagney were in the loft area. Raspy & Bezuky were still on the swinging perch.  Then a little later, Bezukhov moved to a swing in the loft area, leaving Raspy on her own in the corner (still on the swinging perch) & preening. It’s possible she may stay there all night to avoid another altercation with Cagney…

Furtive feeding

Most days they have vegetables but today I decided to take their seed out for a few hours, leaving them with only vegetables.  The boys did not seem fussed about this & were happy tucking into their veg medley.  (The girls are largely fed by the boys so would not have even noticed the seed pots had no seed!) However, I forgot about a small glass ramekin of seeds on the play gym.  It has been there for some time – they have ignored it because they rarely go on the bottom part of the play gym.

Anyway, Bezukhov suddenly “discovered” it.  (It’s funny how he found it on a day when I had taken their seed pots away!) I noticed him surreptitiously going there.  Eventually, Cagney noticed too & he joined in with the sneaky eating!

Daytime fun & games

They have all been quite busy today.

Atilla is still largely confined to her swing but still poops outside the cage when the door is open.  On those occasions she has managed to give my sleeve a little chew too.  I hung up a new swing from the landing platform.  Atilla eyed it up from her swing.  She is the boss so really she has to give the say-so if something new is acceptable.  On one of her poop trips she decided to check out the swing & briefly gave it a peck & a pull.  I don’t think she was too impressed to be honest, but nevertheless, it got the Atilla seal-of-acceptance, if not quite approval.

Raspy has been flying back & forth between the Manor, the play gym, the plant pot stand & the two window seats (happy perches).  She still likes a good chew on my jumper & seemed to appreciate that I was wearing something with slightly baggier sleeves so she could burrow a bit more effectively.

Bezukhov, in keeping with his need to put his feet in food, managed to dance across my buttered ryvita. 😀

Cagney was giving me the runaround when it was time to close up the cage.  I pegged some dill inside in a way that none of it was sticking outside.  All was closed apart from the landing platform.  Only Cags to go in…. He managed to pull the dill through to the outside so he did not have to go inside!