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Daily Archives: 6 February 2011

Snug as a bug

Today, Raspy has been snug as a budgie in my cardigan.  She will spend ages checking out my sleeve & under my top.  Perhaps this is some kind of nesting instinct?  Perhaps she just wants to go somewhere dark & warm?  Whatever her reasons, she is quite determined about it!

Who turned the lights out?


If I can't see you, does that mean I'm not here?

You can see her boyfriend is never far away….

Threesome, anyone?

If Cagney were to stop & ask, I’m sure that would be his question.  However, Cagney doesn’t stop to ask, he just attempts to join in!

Here, I regret to say, is the evidence……

The silly thing is that I’m sure he would not appreciate Bezukhov joining him & Atilla during their more intimate moments!

Swing swap

Atilla spends most of her day on her swing.  I have been concerned for her feet as the swing is plastic (she chooses that swing over the wooden one).  To get around this, I decided to replace the two plastic swings with two wooden ones.  This swap was done earlier today.  The puddings had been introduced to the wooden swings some time ago but were not impressed & basically ignored them.  Since the toy boys have come along, I thought they might be more open-minded.

Atilla did not seem too fussed as I replaced the plastic swing next to her.  Then I had to wait for her to dismount her plastic swing in order to swap it over.  I caught the moment when she was on a poop-outside-the-cage trip!  She returned to all wooden swings.  This put her out a bit…. so she retired to the ttmss swing.  Eventually, she sussed out the new swings & was then swing-hopping, probably working out which was to be the bedtime swing.

Click on the photos below to see the new loft arrangement & Atilla chewing the wooden blocks on the new swings.  The new swings are slightly longer than the plastic ones & it did not take Cagney long to squeeze in beside his lady love, as you can see in the last (murky) photo.

At the time of writing, bedtime positions have not been finalised.  It’s possible both Raspy & Bezukhov will stay at mid-level on the swinging perch…  Atilla on the round wooden swing & Cagney…. well, he has a lot more faffing about to do before there is a hint of where he will be sleeping….