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Daily Archives: 13 February 2011

Play School

Let’s see what’s through the………. triangular window.

Oh….. it’s Raspy!

The Bite is back!

Atilla has been relatively mellow, in the biting-sense, since the toyboys came on the scene.  However, last week I noticed her bites were getting a bit harder…

Every week I change the ttmss swing for a clean one (yes, I have two… one for play & one to wash).  The ttmss swing is Atilla’s swing.  Increasingly, I have had to find imaginative ways to swap them over before Atilla bombs over & puts my fingers in their rightful place (nowhere near HER swing).  This morning, because the swing was missing a perch, I thought I’d slip the perch on & change the swing for the clean one later on.  Anyway, Atilla saw me pick up the perch from the cage floor & was already out for blood…. MY blood!

Note: I thought she was territorial about the mirror on the swing so I did not anticipate a problem with handling only the perch!

You will see below the damage she did to my two fingers.  This was done in a matter of seconds & I am not exaggerating when I say the bites brought tears to my eyes.  My fingers were throbbing for some time afterwards!


The moral of the story?  Never underestimate a Pudding. 🙂

See… but no saw

Last night, I can only assume the puddings & toyboys had a wild party.  The sight that greeted me this morning left me with no doubt.  The bark on one of their wooden swings had been stripped off & part of it was left hanging precariously.  The ttmss swing was sadly lopsided as it was missing a perch!  How did they pull that out?  They would have to squeeze both ends to get it out the holes.  The only thing missing was a TV out the window….

Mutilated wooden swing

One-perched teeter-totter-mirror-see(no saw) swing

Half-feather found