Injury, Separation & the Ferplast

This evening I have temporarily separated the gang.  😦

Raspy holding her foot up

At some point, Raspy injured her foot. She has been holding it up & limping when walking along the perch.  I do not believe the damage is serious as she seems to have some grip when sitting on my finger & there are no visible signs of injury.  She has also been climbing all over me & chewing my jumper so her behaviour has not changed.


Raspy had to be separated from Cagney as he sometimes chases her, which she doesn’t like.  It can stress her out & I did not like the thought of that happening when she was at a disadvantage with an injured foot.  It is possible she injured her foot trying to get away from Cagney.  I saw him grab her wing earlier.  He is not being mean… he just wants to be friends but can be a bit “forceful” about it.

So, how was I to separate them? I do not think Raspy would have minded being on her own in the Ferplast cage – I think she would have quite liked the break – but Bezukhov would not have coped with being separated from his girl.  Equally, it did not make sense to put both puddings together as then both Toyboys would have been pining.  So, I have put Raspy & Bezukhov in the Ferplast & Cagney & Atilla are still in the Manor.

Initially, the boys were going spare being separated. Cagney was running around the bottom of the Manor. Bezukhov was just jumping around all over the Ferplast. Raspy seemed quite settled & to be honest, I think a bit relieved to have a break from Cagney. They seem to have settled down since. Both boys have been feeding their girls so I think they will be fine tonight.