Who’s been eating MY seed?

Tonight, Cagney was a bit mean with the seed pots.

There are three seed pots for four of them.  They usually eat on some kind of rota system but I have often seen Raspy, Bezukhov & Cagney eat at the same time.  However, this evening, Cagney wanted the three seed pots to himself.  Raspy wanted her bedtime seed but he was not letting her get it.  In the end, I offered seed to her from my hand which she readily took.

Cagney, of course wondered why she was getting preferential treatment…  He chased her off my hand so he could eat it.  Raspy, being a smart girl, went straight to the seed pots & resumed eating there.  I think it confused Cagney a bit as he could not be in two places at once, however hard he tries.

Hopefully this is one-off behaviour from Cagney, otherwise I will have to put a fourth seed pot in the East Wing of the Manor.



Last night, all four were reunited. 🙂

Raspy’s foot seems fine now – I have not seen her hold it up for a couple of days.  I took the lead from Raspy regarding when would be a good time to lock them all up together.  Yesterday evening, she seemed a little reluctant to come out the Ferplast. At one point she poked her head out the door but Cagney immediately appeared so she turned & went in again!  I left her locked in for a little while & then she looked like she wanted to come out again, which she did (Cagney was eating). She had a little fly then settled back in the Manor.

Later on, the boys were messing about & Cagney grabbed Bezukhov’s foot through the bars, making him squeal. Bezukhov started holding his foot up!  In fact, he sat on his seed pot, eating, with one foot up. I thought…. great…… Raspy is better & now Bezukhov has a dodgy foot!  But he was fine after a few minutes. Phew!

After the usual bedtime faffing about, I peeked in & Atilla, Raspy & Bezukhov were settled on the 3 loft area swings. But where was Cagney?  Oh, sitting on top of Bezukhov’s swing!


For those of a certain age, who cannot hear the word “reunited” without thinking of Peaches & Herb….. Reunited – Peaches & Herb (1979)