Puddings & Toyboys

A blog about my beautiful budgies.


Last night, all four were reunited. 🙂

Raspy foot seems fine now – I have not seen her hold it up for a couple of days.  I took the lead from Raspy regarding when would be a good time to lock them all up together.  Yesterday evening, she seemed a little reluctant to come out the Ferplast. At one point she poked her head out the door but Cagney immediately appeared so she turned & went in again!  I left her locked in for a little while & then she looked like she wanted to come out again, which she did (Cagney was eating). She had a little fly then settled back in the Manor.

Later on, the boys were messing about & Cagney grabbed Bezukhov’s foot through the bars, making him squeal. Bezuky started holding his foot up!  In fact, he sat on his seed pot, eating, with one foot up. I thought…. great…… Raspy is better & now Bezuky has a dodgy foot!  But he was fine after a few minutes. Phew!

After the usual bedtime faffing about, I peeked in & Atilla, Raspy & Bezukhov were settled on the 3 loft area swings. But where was Cagney?  Oh, sitting on top of Bezuky’s swing!


For those of a certain age, who cannot hear the word “reunited” without thinking of Peaches & Herb….. Reunited – Peaches & Herb (1979)

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