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Daily Archives: 20 February 2011

Parting a pudding from her swing

Every week, I swap over Atilla’s ttmss swing with a clean one.

Atilla is very, very possessive over it.  I have to approach the swap as if it were a military operation as otherwise my fingers would be in shreds. In recent weeks, she has been spending the majority of her time on it.  All day, I am looking for the best opportunity to swap it, i.e., when she 1) not sitting on it, & 2) otherwise engaged.

Today, I put the clean one ready nearby.  When she came out for a poop, I quickly slipped out the dirty one but she saw me put it on the back of the futon & before I could pop the clean one in, she bombed past, misjudged her position & landed on the floor.  (Quick as a flash, both Cagney & Bezukhov were beside her – they are like bodyguards when she lands on the floor!) She stepped up & I put her on the futon so she could be with the dirty ttmss swing whilst I put the clean one in.  Of course she saw me handling the clean one & had to be with that, so I offered my hand & took her over to it & for once, she did not bite my fingers.

It’s all such a fuss!

Here is Atilla on her beloved ttmss swing….

Don't touch MY swing!

Look at that face….. would you dare part that girl from her swing?