Seed heist

Earlier, I refreshed their seed & was about to put one of the montana seed pots back in the Manor when I remembered something in the kitchen…. I put the seed pot down on the back of the futon, turned my back for a few moments & returned to this………

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To look at them, anyone would think they had not had seed in ages, when in reality it has been available all day.  Naughty little boys could not even wait for me to put the pot back in the Manor.  Maybe the odd location excited them!

Me? Scary?

For the first time in ages, Atilla took advantage of a misting & got wet.  There was no dill to roll about in, only basil, but it inspired her enough to fluff up & shake herself about in the spray.  Raspy got a little damp.  The boys chose to stay dry but enthusiastically preened themselves as if they had got wet!

Bedraggled Atilla & two dry Toyboys: