Midweek musings

As I write, Puddings & Toyboys are tucked up in bed. They are settled now but there was a kerfuffle earlier.  From what I can work out, it looked like Atilla attempted to get on her old swing that Bezukhov was already snoozing on & Cagney joined in the “debate”.  The result was a bit of a row from the boys & Atilla landed on the floor.  I popped her on the vacant front swing where she is now dozing.  Since then, Raspy has moved to Atilla’s old swing & Bezukhov moved to the round swing, where Cagney was already positioned on top (waving his tail in Atilla’s face).  In a radical departure from all usual bedtime position permutations, Bezukhov is now also on top of the round swing, alongside Cagney. Will this be the final arrangement for the night or are there still minor adjustments to come?

Earlier this evening there was a bit of confusion regarding partners. Now Bezukhov likes to have a chat with Atilla (also with a peg or a perch, so anything that will listen really) & she tolerates him as long as he does not get too close.  Today however, it seems there was something extra in his chat as Cagney was flapping his wings in a warning manner. I have not seen Cagney do that to Bezukhov before…. it was like he felt threatened that Bezukhov was going to steal his girl.

Of course that behaviour was a bit rich coming from Cagney as he had been chasing Raspy around the room not long before.  Fortunately, it seems (so far) the puddings are not for turning & are sticking with their original mates.  Imagine how confusing it would be if they turned?!

[BTW, I can hear shuffling in the dark, so I suspect bedtime positions have altered slightly.  I predict that Bezukhov has made his way over to the swinging perch.]

All change at bedtime

The last couple of nights there have been changes in sleeping positions.

Raspy has now claimed what was Atilla’s swing – the one at the back of the Manor.  She has been going to “bed” first & therefore having first choice.  The Toyboys then start shuffling about the remaining positions – swinging perch & the two front swings.  When they settle down, Atilla gets off her ttmss swing & makes her way over to the iodine block.  By this time, Cagney & Bezukhov are on the front swings.  She waits for Cagney to move to the top of the round swing & then takes her place on the other front swing.  Bezukhov is usually opposite her on the round swing (with Cagney above him).  Cagney turns back & forth, waving his tail in Raspy’s face (I am surprised she has not yanked him off that swing yet).  After a short time, Bezukhov usually then retires to the swinging perch.

Last night, Bezukhov stayed where he was on the round swing.  When I peeked in later on, I found Cagney perched next to him!  It is the smallest swing.  They looked snug together. The girls have the big swings & refuse to share them.

Tonight there is another slight change in that Bezukhov is on top of the round swing & Cagney is on the swinging perch…..


Weekend activities


On offer Saturday morning was a misting with celery leaves on the side to roll in.

Cagney immediately started chomping on the celery but as soon as my spray bottle came out he scarpered!  Bezukhov got a little excited & fluffed himself up & walked over the celery leaves (but then he does like food beneath his feet).  Raspy was not in the mood for a misting.  Atilla prised herself from her ttmss swing & as usual, out of the four of them, had the most thorough wash.

When Atilla has had a misting she is usually too worn out to be bothered throwing herself at the camera so it is normally a good opportunity to get some shots without her blurry cere in the way.  However, today she decided to dry herself off on my shoulder so I didn’t disturb her by going to get the camera.

Veg & no seed

Yesterday I decided to take their seed out for a few hours, leaving them with just vegetables.  They had baby corn, mange tout, broccoli & the celery.  The boys & Raspy seemed happy enough to eat the vegetables.  However, when I put the seed back in, they were very quick to abandon the vegetables for the seed!  At one point, all 4 were eating at the same time & that has not happened in a long time as they have been eating on some kind of rota system.  Even Atilla was tucking in… though it might have helped that Cagney was eating from the far side seed pot.  Atilla, Raspy & Bezukhov were eating from the 3 seed pots in a row.  It was very quiet for those few minutes!

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Red Crane

There is lots of building work going on at the back of the flats & the boys & Raspy spent quite a bit of time looking out the window at all the goings on.  So far, the trees are still obscuring most of the developments but apparently they are scheduled to be cut down, though I do not know when.  I think the Puddings & Toyboys will miss looking at the birds & squirrels in the trees outside.  They have very good eyesight & notice so much.  The boys often fly when the birds outside fly by & there is definitely a lot of shouting out to the wild birds too.

Moult update

Cagney is coping well with a stubby tail.  It certainly has not affected his flying skills.  Bezukhov’s head pins have gone & he is looking more himself again. 🙂


There was a mutual preening session going on earlier between Atilla & Cagney.  They were both on the ttmss swing, leaning out to the side to preen each other.  Cagney started preening Atilla’s face which she seemed to really appreciate.  She reciprocated by preening his head.  All of a sudden Cagney gave a loud sqwark & jumped to the other perch.  I saw Atilla sitting there with beakful of feathers!  She can be a bit “thorough” at times!  He was straight back to her though & they carried on with the preening session.  Here is a video from this evening of Cagney preening Atilla, followed by Bezukhov preening Raspy.

Sorry – they are not good quality as the light was failing & I was trying to film sneakily so Atilla did not stop what she was doing & throw herself onto the lens.


Take that, you munch ball!

The Puddings & Toyboys currently have 4 munch balls.  I have been lining them up on the Ferplast.  Recently, Cagney has taken to throwing them off the top….. in a rather long-winded, elaborate manner – see videos.  Sometimes, this will be his last play before bed.  The other three will be tucked up on their swings & Cagney is still out, having a final fling with his munch balls.

(Of course Muggins here is the one who has to retrieve them from the floor each time…..)

Blood on the walls!

Well, another mystery to add to the gradually growing list….. Atilla’s toe injury, Broken feather

Last night I noticed some new marks on the wall behind the Manor.  This morning I took a proper look to find they are drops of blood!  Both Puddings & Toyboys looked well & were up to their usual tricks.  There was no sign of blood anywhere else, until…… I spotted some very faint smears on Cagney’s stump of a tail.  Could there have been some blood loss when he lost his tail??  It is a pity they cannot tell me…


Short Tail Syndrome?

Having spent the day looking at a frozen picture on PuddingCam, I wondered what I would be faced with on my return home.  What I found was Cagney doing an impression of a lovebird – he has lost his second tail!

This evening he has been extra dominant & I suspect it is because he is trying to make up for his lack of tail.  I have named this Short Tail Syndrome (STS).  When not feeding Atilla, he has wanted to eat whatever anyone else is eating & wanted to sit wherever anyone else is sitting.  “Anyone else” was mostly Bezukhov.

I guess the only cure for STS is to wait for the tail to grow back.  It may take up to 6 weeks for Cagney’s tail to grow back.  Will we have to put up with his brazen behaviour for that long?!


Spinach in the sunshine

It was a sunny day, so I placed a dish of spinach leaves in water on the coffee table, in the sun, in the hope the Toyboys would take a bath.  They quickly checked out the dish & were happy to eat the spinach.  Bezukhov got his feet wet as he walked on the spinach (he likes walking on food – see previous post “Treading Broccoli“). In the end, they had their vitamins but not a bath. 😀

(Click on pictures to enlarge them)


BTW, Cagney had his quiff that day…… see postTo quiff or not to quiff“.


High-risk bedtime positions

It all started when Bezukhov decided to sleep on Atilla’s swing…

Atilla was ready for bed a little while after & made her way over but found him snoozing on her bedtime swing.  She gave him a good stare but he did not budge (did not open his eyes either!)  She retired to her ttmss swing.  A few moments later, she made her way over again but still Bezukhov stayed firm on one foot.  I offered my finger to Atilla, which she took, & placed her on the empty front swing which she settled down on.

Raspy was on the swinging perch.  Cagney was on the top of the round swing. All seemed relatively normal….. until Raspy changed position.

I heard a bit of shuffling under the cover & when I peeked in, I found Raspy on the round swing, with Cagney still on top of it.  Surely this is a recipe for disaster?  She does not like Cagney!

She was sat there doing, what I call, “air punches” – like air kisses, but she pecks at the air instead.  Bezukhov by this time had made his way to the swinging perch, leaving Atilla’s swing vacant.

It is surprising to me that Raspy has lasted so long already on a swing with Cagney sat above her.  I suspect she wanted to sit opposite her sister…. but who knows?!