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Daily Archives: 3 March 2011

Nowhere to hide

Ryvita, here I come!

You can run, but there’s nowhere to hide – especially if there’s food & Cagney has not had first dibs!

Now, why would he not have first dibs?  Well, because it’s human food & not birdie food.  The other day I wanted to eat my ryvita in peace so I sat at my laptop as they generally do not fly over to that corner.  As soon as I sat down, Cagney did a few fly-bys.  I thought, I will ignore him & just carry on eating & working……

I was resting my elbow on the table, holding my slice of tuna-topped ryvita & typing with the other hand, when Cagney flew over again but this time landed on my hand that was holding my snack!

Naughty boy!!!

I swiftly removed the ryvita but he was not going anywhere.  To appease him, I dipped my fingertip into some of the crumbs & offered him that.  He nibbled a little but then flew back to the Manor, I think to tell the others it was not worth their while a trip to the far corner of the room.