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Daily Archives: 5 March 2011

Roll over, roll over

Today, I put some dill out & filled the spray bottle with some nice warm water to give the puddings & toyboys a misting.  Unfortunately, the water was probably a degree too cold for Atilla so she turned her back & retired to the ttmss swing. Raspy let some water go on her & got a little damp, but not much.  However, dear little Bezukhov had a lovely roll in the wet dill whilst I sprayed him!

Bezuky did have a good misting once during quarantine days so I know he’s not averse to water but he’s avoided it since, until today. This time he was all fluffed up & rolled in the dill so much he was on his back with the dill dragged over his belly!  Twice!  Funny boy.

As for Cagney, he who has NEVER got wet……. he actually opened his wings to get some of the water droplets! He really needed it as he is moulting & starting to look a bit tatty!

Preening Bezukhov & Mohican Cagney