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Daily Archives: 13 March 2011

What wet celery leaves can do

Yesterday, a misting & roll in celery leaves was on offer.  The toyboys both whizzed to the other side of the room when I started spraying.  Raspy got a little damp but then lost interest.  However, Atilla threw herself into the celery leaves with abandon, fluffing herself up, rolling on her side, opening her wings & generally being very thorough.

Here is the end result:

Where's that hairdryer?

Quit filming & get me my towel



To quiff or not to quiff

This last week, Cagney has been sporting a rather prominent quiff.  It has survived many head rubs on perches, swings & cage bars & also survived Atilla’s preening.  Alas, after about 5 days, it has now disappeared & Cagney is almost back to normal again, bar a few pins.