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Daily Archives: 14 March 2011

High-risk bedtime positions

It all started when Bezukhov decided to sleep on Atilla’s swing…

Atilla was ready for bed a little while after & made her way over but found him snoozing on her bedtime swing.  She gave him a good stare but he did not budge (didn’t open his eyes either!)  She retired to her ttmss swing.  A few moments later, she made her way over again but still Bezukhov stayed firm on one foot.  I offered my finger to Atilla, which she took, & placed her on the empty front swing which she settled down on.

Raspy was on the swinging perch.  Cagney was on the top of the round swing. All seemed relatively normal….. until Raspy changed position.

I heard a bit of shuffling under the cover & when I peeked in, I found Raspy on the round swing, with Cagney still on top of it.  Surely this is a recipe for disaster?  She doesn’t like Cagney!

She was sat there doing, what I call, “air punches” – like air kisses, but she pecks at the air instead.  Bezuky by this time had made his way to the swinging perch, leaving Atilla’s swing vacant.

It’s surprising to me that Raspy has lasted so long already on a swing with Cagney sat above her.  I suspect she wanted to sit opposite her sister…. but who knows?!