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Daily Archives: 23 March 2011

Short Tail Syndrome?

Having spent the day looking at a frozen picture on PuddingCam, I wondered what I would be faced with on my return home.  What I found was Cagney doing an impression of a lovebird – he has lost his second tail!

This evening he has been extra dominant & I suspect it is because he is trying to make up for his lack of tail.  I have named this Short Tail Syndrome (STS).  When not feeding Atilla, he has wanted to eat whatever anyone else is eating & wanted to sit wherever anyone else is sitting.  “Anyone else” was mostly Bezukhov.

I guess the only cure for STS is to wait for the tail to grow back.  It may take up to 6 weeks for Cagney’s tail to grow back.  Will we have to put up with his brazen behaviour for that long?!