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Weekend activities


On offer Saturday morning was a misting with celery leaves on the side to roll in.

Cagney immediately started chomping on the celery but as soon as my spray bottle came out he scarpered!  Bezukhov got a little excited & fluffed himself up & walked over the celery leaves (but then he does like food beneath his feet).  Raspy wasn’t in the mood for a misting.  Atilla prised herself from her ttmss swing & as usual, out of the four of them, had the most thorough wash.

When Atilla has had a misting she is usually too worn out to be bothered throwing herself at the camera so it’s normally a good opportunity to get some shots without her blurry cere in the way.  However, today she decided to dry herself off on my shoulder so I didn’t disturb her by going to get the camera.

Veg & no seed

Yesterday I decided to take their seed out for a few hours, leaving them with just vegetables.  They had baby corn, mange tout, broccoli & the celery.  The boys & Raspy seemed happy enough to eat the veg.  However, when I put the seed back in, they were very quick to abandon the veg for the seed!  At one point, all 4 were eating at the same time & that hasn’t happened in a long time as they have been eating on some kind of rota system.  Even Atilla was tucking in… though it might have helped that Cagney was eating from the far side seed pot.  Atilla, Raspy & Bezuky were eating from the 3 seed pots in a row.  It was very quiet for those few minutes!

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Red Crane

There is lots of building work going on at the back of the flats & the boys & Raspy spent quite a bit of time looking out the window at all the goings on.  So far, the trees are still obscuring most of the developments but apparently they are scheduled to be cut down, though I don’t know when.  I think the puddings & toyboys will miss looking at the birds & squirrels in the trees outside.  They have very good eyesight & notice so much.  The boys often fly when the birds outside fly by & there’s definitely a lot of shouting out to the wild birds too.

Moult update

Cagney is coping well with a stubby tail.  It certainly has not affected his flying skills.  Bezuky’s head pins have gone & he is looking more himself again. 🙂


There was a mutual preening session going on earlier between Atilla & Cagney.  They were both on the ttmss swing, leaning out to the side to preen each other.  Cagney started preening Atilla’s face which she seemed to really appreciate.  She reciprocated by preening his head.  All of a sudden Cagney gave a loud sqwark & jumped to the other perch.  I saw Atilla sitting there with beakful of feathers!  She can be a bit “thorough” at times!  He was straight back to her though & they carried on with the preening session.  Here is a video from this evening of Cagney preening Atilla, followed by Bezukhov preening Raspy.

Sorry – they are not good quality as the light was failing & I was trying to film sneakily so Atilla didn’t stop what she was doing & throw herself onto the lens.

4 responses to “Weekend activities

  1. rose 28 March 2011 at 06:56

    Sounds like it’s been a really active weekend! It’s good to hear that SOMEONE’s still in control of Cagney – he’ll go bald if he’s not careful!


    • onesweetiepea 29 March 2011 at 22:10

      Atilla did the same this evening during another very thorough preen of Cagney’s head. He didn’t squeal this time so either she was more gentle or the feathers were due to come out anyway. 😀


  2. rose 30 March 2011 at 07:09

    He’s going to end up looking like Toby’s Daisy if this carries on!


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