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Midweek musings

As I write, puddings & toyboys are tucked up in bed. They are settled now but there was a kerfuffle earlier.  From what I can work out, it looked like Atilla attempted to get on her old swing that Bezukhov was already snoozing on & Cagney joined in the “debate”.  The result was a bit of a row from the boys & Atilla landed on the floor.  I popped her on the vacant front swing where she is now dozing.  Since then, Raspy has moved to Atilla’s old swing & Bezukhov moved to the round swing, where Cagney was already positioned on top (waving his tail in Atilla’s face).  In a radical departure from all usual bedtime position permutations, Bezuky is now also on top of the round swing, alongside Cagney. Will this be the final arrangement for the night or are there still minor adjustments to come?

Earlier this evening there was a bit of confusion regarding partners. Now Bezukhov likes to have a chat with Atilla (also with a peg or a perch, so anything that will listen really) & she tolerates him as long as he doesn’t get too close.  Today however, it seems there was something extra in his chat as Cagney was flapping his wings in a warning manner. I have not seen Cagney do that to Bezukhov before…. it was like he felt threatened that Bezuky was going to steal his girl.

Of course that behaviour was a bit rich coming from Cagney as he had been chasing Raspy around the room not long before.  Fortunately, it seems (so far) the puddings are not for turning & are sticking with their original mates.  Imagine how confusing it would be if they turned?!

[BTW, I can hear shuffling in the dark, so I suspect bedtime positions have altered slightly.  I predict that Bezukhov has made his way over to the swinging perch.]

4 responses to “Midweek musings

  1. rose 1 April 2011 at 07:18

    Bezukhov – you sly devil! And it’s good to know that NONE of the Manor swings are rated ‘too scary to sit on’!


  2. featheredfiends 1 April 2011 at 07:47

    When Roswell and Jerry preen eachother Custard flaps her wings at Jerry cos she’s a jealous little madam!


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