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Monthly Archives: April 2011

How to tell the difference between a pudding & a toyboy

Some people may wonder how you really tell the difference between a pudding & a toyboy.  I have useful picture evidence to help with this dilemma.

On the left of this picture you see a toyboy poop.  On the right, is a pudding poop.  To be more precise, the large marbled meringue poop is Atilla’s.  She is chief pudding so her poop is larger than her sister Raspy’s.  Raspy’s poop is still much larger than the toyboys’ poop. 

Toyboy poop v pudding poop

I sincerely hope this post has cleared up any uncertainty on this subject.

Ants in her pants

Atilla seemed restless at bedtime this evening.  She has been going to bed later than the others.  The problem with this is that her preferred bedtime position is more likely to already be taken by a toyboy or her sister. 

Three in bed

Tonight, the positions already taken were: Bezukhov on the back swing, Raspy on the front swing & Cagney on top of the round swing.  This left Atilla with either the swinging perch or the round swing.  I think that because she was left with the dregs, she was reluctant to get to bed….

When she decided it was time, she stepped up on my finger (from the ttmss swing) but turned her cere up at the round swing.  She then proceeded to shuffle about in the palm of my hand (almost like she was preparing a nest), then had a major flap, clinging onto my finger tightly whilst she got the blood flowing around her wings!  This of course unsettled the others, & both Cagney & Bezukhov immediately left their swings to investigate.  However, Bezuky very quickly returned to his swing, probably because he thought it was a sneaky ruse of Atilla to get him off it so she could take it!

After all of that, Atilla returned to the ttmss swing & the others nodded off again….

A short time later, she decided it was time to go to bed again.  This time she wandered over to the perch below left of Raspy & started faffing about there, vigorously preening, chewing the perch, chewing the cover through the bars & pushing & pulling the green mirror…. She then made her way to the peg & settled there for a little while.  At last peek, she had (reluctantly) got on the round swing…..

Worshipping dill

On Saturday, puddings & toyboys had dill.  As usual, I laid it across the landing platform & lay in wait with the spray bottle to give them a misting.  The toyboys were first to dive into the dill.  Normally Cagney shoots off as soon as I start spraying the water but this time he stayed to eat the dill & also spread his wings to get more water on them & a few times even lay prostrate across the dill!  It was the wettest he’s ever got!

Bezukhov danced in the dill a bit & got a little wet.  Unfortunately, Raspy wanted to have a roll in the dill but Cagney was hogging it so she retired to the other side of the room.  Atilla came to the party late but could not resist a proper roll in the dill & got thoroughly soaked.

Mmm... dill...

Damn paparazzi!

Mint no, cucumber yes!

Pre-toyboys, I had tried the puddings out with mint but they ran for the hills as soon as they got a whiff of it.  Yesterday, I thought I’d see if the toyboys liked mint.  Cagney, surprisingly, was a bit reluctant & though he had to investigate, refrained from actually trying it out.  Bezukhov nibbled a tiny, tiny bit, enough to know he would not be having any more.  No change with the puddings…. Raspy turned her cere up & Atilla turned hers up with quite a look of disgust.

Cucumber was another matter.  The girls have had cucumber before & would nibble at it if the mood took them.  The toyboys were quite impressed, particularly Bezukhov who has found he likes to eat it from the inside out.

Basil surprise

This evening, I had some fresh basil to use up & at the last minute I thought I’d give some to the puddings & toyboys.  Normally they would have a little nibble but that is all.  I was not expecting much enthusiasm but thought it would be something for them to talk about amongst themselves tomorrow….

“Why d’ya think she gave us basil when she knows we prefer dill?”

“It was a bit wet, wasn’t it?  She could have dried it off a bit more…”

“Did you see where she pegged the damn basil?  I had to get off my swing to investigate.”

Anyway, to my surprise, they all started eating it heartily!  It appears they now love basil!

Atilla was chomping away & fluffing up like she was trying to eat & bathe at the same time (difficult as it was only a tiny sprig in my hand).  The puddings are good at tearing leafy things & throwing it all over the floor, but she was actually eating it.  Raspy also chomped away & the toyboys couldn’t get enough of it.  I left it pegged up & saw that Atilla was still ploughing her way through it.

Basil has now been added to my shopping list!

Colombo, Cliff & a yellow thing

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Bit of a shake

When Atilla encounters something of a questionable texture she will approach cautiously and on tentatively touching the questionable item, she dramatically gives herself & a shake & then shimmies backwards. 😀

For some time I have wanted to capture this action on camera! I am pleased to report I now have evidence of a bit of this behaviour.

I presented Atilla with a small piece of dried, seeded grass.  You can see from the video, she is sat on her ttmss swing (as usual) & was tempted to touch it but clearly there was a texture issue…..  On touching it she gives a shake & had she not been on the swing I’m sure it would have been immediately followed by a backwards shimmy. (That would have been interesting viewing if she had forgotten she was on the swing….)

Looking for something…

Atilla has been a little more active recently.  Usually she just gets up (from her ttmss swing) for a poop.  This activity has since been named….. the Poop Run. The Poop Run was extended to include bombing (she doesn’t fly, she “bombs”) across to the Ferplast, running the length of it (with Cagney on her tail) & throwing herself on the swing on the playgym.  This last week however, she has taken to exploring a little & it looks very much like she is searching for something…… but I have yet to work out what that something is……

(Click on photos to enlarge them)

BTW, the radiator is not on!


Raspy & Bezukhov are still very much a couple.  They seem more stable & grounded than Atilla & Cagney (or rather Cagney!)

Raspy only has eyes for Bezuky & does not like it when Cagney The Cad tries to chat her up.  Bezukhov often flies to sit between the two as if to protect his girl.  If Cagney is getting too close, Bezukhov will flap his wings in warning.  Bezukhov feeds his girl & goes wherever she goes (except when she is resting, in which case he will run around with his mate Cagney!)  In turn, Raspy makes sure Bezuky’s chubby chops are nicely preened & she’s happy to boogie-woogie with him, even with the risk of Cagney trying to join in – no, he hasn’t got that hint yet!

Enjoy the slideshow & video below…..

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