Shuffle before sleep

The first positions for sleep this evening were a bit strange:

Back swing (Atilla’s old swing) : Bezukhov

Front swing : Raspy

Swinging perch : Cagney

Atilla does not sleep of a night on the  round swing or the swinging perch but they were the only positions available.  I held her up to the round swing but she turned her nose up & decided to sit on the peg. Oddly enough, Raspy decided to vacate the front swing, but all that was available was the round swing (she was hardly going to share the swinging perch with Cagney) so she settled there.  Atilla took her chance & jumped on the front swing.

I hung around as I thought Cagney would want to sit on the top of the round swing but Raspy was on it so there was potential for a scuffle.

Sure enough, Cagney decided to vacate the swinging perch & made his way over but sat on the peg so he could stretch across & give Atilla a bedtime snog.  Not knowing where to stop, he jumped on the swing with her & got on her back.  I held my hand out as normally this would result in Atilla falling off.  In the meantime, Raspy took her chance with Cagney being distracted, to get off the round swing & go to the swinging perch.  However, she actually wanted to sleep on the back swing where Bezukhov was minding his own business.  She  climbed around the bars towards it to give him the hint which he very cleverly took.

Final (?) positions:

Back swing (Atilla’s old swing) : Raspy

Front swing : Atilla

Swinging perch : Bezukhov

Round swing (top of) : Cagney

Night night my little darlings!