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Bit of a shake

When Atilla encounters something of a questionable texture she will approach cautiously and on tentatively touching the questionable item, she dramatically gives herself & a shake & then shimmies backwards. 😀

For some time I have wanted to capture this action on camera! I am pleased to report I now have evidence of a bit of this behaviour.

I presented Atilla with a small piece of dried, seeded grass.  You can see from the video, she is sat on her ttmss swing (as usual) & was tempted to touch it but clearly there was a texture issue…..  On touching it she gives a shake & had she not been on the swing I’m sure it would have been immediately followed by a backwards shimmy. (That would have been interesting viewing if she had forgotten she was on the swing….)

2 responses to “Bit of a shake

  1. featheredfiends 9 April 2011 at 07:32

    Mine do that shake and shimmy thing if I ping the bars!

    I also have a metal dish that if I tap it ( so it makes a ting noise) then they shimmy too!
    Weird little creatures!


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