Raspy & Bezukhov are still very much a couple.  They seem more stable & grounded than Atilla & Cagney (or rather Cagney!)

Raspy only has eyes for Bezuky & does not like it when Cagney The Cad tries to chat her up.  Bezukhov often flies to sit between the two as if to protect his girl.  If Cagney is getting too close, Bezukhov will flap his wings in warning.  Bezukhov feeds his girl & goes wherever she goes (except when she is resting, in which case he will run around with his mate Cagney!)  In turn, Raspy makes sure Bezuky’s chubby chops are nicely preened & she’s happy to boogie-woogie with him, even with the risk of Cagney trying to join in – no, he hasn’t got that hint yet!

Enjoy the slideshow & video below…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 thoughts on “R&B

  1. rose

    Wonderful posts – thanks, Sweetpea! And I particularly liked the Bekukhov and Raspy slide show. Not to speak of the video – he looks like her little son!


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