Basil surprise

This evening, I had some fresh basil to use up & at the last minute I thought I’d give some to the puddings & toyboys.  Normally they would have a little nibble but that is all.  I was not expecting much enthusiasm but thought it would be something for them to talk about amongst themselves tomorrow….

“Why d’ya think she gave us basil when she knows we prefer dill?”

“It was a bit wet, wasn’t it?  She could have dried it off a bit more…”

“Did you see where she pegged the damn basil?  I had to get off my swing to investigate.”

Anyway, to my surprise, they all started eating it heartily!  It appears they now love basil!

Atilla was chomping away & fluffing up like she was trying to eat & bathe at the same time (difficult as it was only a tiny sprig in my hand).  The puddings are good at tearing leafy things & throwing it all over the floor, but she was actually eating it.  Raspy also chomped away & the toyboys couldn’t get enough of it.  I left it pegged up & saw that Atilla was still ploughing her way through it.

Basil has now been added to my shopping list!