Worshipping dill

On Saturday, puddings & toyboys had dill.  As usual, I laid it across the landing platform & lay in wait with the spray bottle to give them a misting.  The toyboys were first to dive into the dill.  Normally Cagney shoots off as soon as I start spraying the water but this time he stayed to eat the dill & also spread his wings to get more water on them & a few times even lay prostrate across the dill!  It was the wettest he’s ever got!

Bezukhov danced in the dill a bit & got a little wet.  Unfortunately, Raspy wanted to have a roll in the dill but Cagney was hogging it so she retired to the other side of the room.  Atilla came to the party late but could not resist a proper roll in the dill & got thoroughly soaked.

Mmm... dill...

3 thoughts on “Worshipping dill

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