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Found! Nesting site!!

Nesting site…. short-sleeved with an arm in it….

Yes, Atilla has decided my loose, green t-shirt has sleeves ideal for sitting in.  She has been in & out of my sleeve that many times today that I have lost count.  After the first few tentative times climbing in, she got confident & was throwing herself in, scrabbling about, turning around & poking her head outside for air before going back inside again. 

Thanks to Raspy’s “help” with the camera (chewed buttons & tapping soundtrack) we have a little film of Atilla in my sleeve:

2 responses to “Found! Nesting site!!

  1. rose 3 May 2011 at 19:58

    I suspect there will be more eggs on their way! Ian enjoyed having a little chat with whoever it was providing the running commentary.


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