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Mission accomplished: Nasty man dispatched

Today Mr Vet visited.

As usual, I have had concerns about Atilla’s health, so to play safe I booked Mr Vet.  To minimize chaos I thought it best to separate puddings & toyboys.  When I let them out this morning, I removed all seed & food from the Manor & play gym area but filled up the seed pots in the Ferplast.  The plan was for the toyboys to eventually go into the Ferplast for food & I would then be able to temporarily lock them in.  In the end, I pegged up some spinach & Cagney (not one to miss out on some fresh veg) was in the Ferplast in two ticks, chomping away.  At that point, Bezukhov was on my hand, preening, so I slowly moved him into the Ferplast & hey presto! was able to lock them in!

They soon realised they were locked in though & all thoughts of tasty spinach disappeared whilst they jumped about, shouting for their puddings.  The puddings however, were chilled out & both settled down to eat a long, leisurely, late breakfast together.  They then sat side-by-side preening.  The toyboys calmed down after a while but got agitated each time the puddings moved or chirped.

Shaking that man out of my feathers...

The puddings were suspicious as soon as Mr Vet & Mr Vet’s Lovely Assistant came into the room.  Raspy was the first to be seen.  Whilst Mr Vet was chasing her around the Manor she managed to slip out the big front cage door & landed on the futon.  Fortunately, Mr Vet gathered her up before she was able to go anywhere else. 

Next up was Atilla… For an overweight bird who gets out of breath easily, she can still give as good as she gets.  Her mission was to cause as much trouble as possible.  As with Raspy, she was chased around the Manor.  Mr Vet caught her but for some reason (a bite?) had to let go.  (Raspy in the meantime had retired to the playgym.)

Mission accomplished: Nasty man dispatched.

There was another chase around the Manor but this time Atilla slipped out (like Raspy did) only her tactic was to HIDE.  First port of call was behind the Ferplast…. then behind the playgym… then behind the radio…. then behind the television….  However, Mr Vet’s Lovely Assistant managed to scoop her up from behind the television & held her close to try & calm her down.  They needed to check both her feet.  Mr Vet said several times to her, “No, we’ve seen that one, we need the other foot….”  She was clearly still trying to make as much mischief as possible, even when being held down by Mr Vet & Mr Vet’s Lovely Assistant.

The bad news is that the puddings have pressure sores on their feet.

Dreaming of my girl, Raspy...

The good news is that on a scale of 1-4, their sores do not even register 1.  The other good news is that changing & moving perches around should be all that is needed to make a difference.

After Mr Vet & Mr Vet’s Lovely Assistant departed, I partially covered over the Puddings to help them calm down & recover.  When all seemed well, it was time, after a whole 3 hours apart, to let the puddings & toyboys get together again.

How much longer do I have to wait for my girl & for some fresh spinach?

I am not exaggerating when I say that within 60 seconds of the toyboys being let out, Cagney was having his wicked way with Atilla! After the “business”, the two couples indulged in lots of smooching, snogging, flirting & preening.

During all the lovey-doveyness, I’m sure Atilla & Raspy told their boyfriends of their derring-do & showed them their new, trendy, short toenails.

6 responses to “Mission accomplished: Nasty man dispatched

  1. Marianne Marlow 20 May 2011 at 08:11

    Nice to see budgies give as good as they get to the vet 🙂

    I still remember when Monty bit the vet and she made a fffff sound but didn’t quite swear. Well she was prodding his vent with a cotton bud!

    Glad that the puds feet are okay and that they get their furniture rearranged 🙂


  2. Rosebudgie 20 May 2011 at 08:38

    It’s no surprise – yet again – that Atilla should have been elected Flock Leader. If anyone is going to be able to defeat Mr Vet, it’s her. Better luck next time, Atilla!


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