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Wonders will never cease

Raspy does not have much time for Cagney.

She merely tolerates him.

Cagney, in contrast, thinks Raspy is a “bit of alright“.  Although he & Atilla are a bonded couple, that does not stop him wanting to chat & flirt with her sister.  He is not very good at taking “No” for an answer.  Raspy really does not want him chattering in her ear, or trying to sit next to her or looking at her in a “funny way”.

Bezukhov is aware of his girlfriend’s feelings for his mate, Cagney.  Where possible, he will sit between them.  When it is not possible, he will still sit between them & simply knock Cagney off the perch.

In the evening, I usually offer Raspy seed as she sometimes gets stressed trying to eat during the day because Cagney wants to “join in”.  I like to make sure she has her bedtime feed.

This evening, she was eating from the seed pot I offered.  It was the large pot.  When Bezuky joined her, that was fine as there was enough space for both their heads to be in & out the pot.  Cagney noticed the contented way Raspy & Bezuky were eating & it seemed he wanted to be a part of it.  He indicated he was going to join them.  Several times, Bezukhov chased him away.

At one point, Cagney landed on the pot & knocked his mate off.  I moved the pot away from Raspy, knowing her feelings towards Cagney.  However, she indicated she wanted to continue eating so I tentatively moved the pot closer to her, with Cagney still sat on it, eating.  She calmly leaned in for a seed.  Cagney carried on eating.  She had more seed.  I was stunned…. they both calmly ate from the same seed pot!

It was very nice to see.  It didn’t end in a fight either. 🙂

2 responses to “Wonders will never cease

  1. rosebudgie 21 May 2011 at 08:20

    Raspy is sooooooooooooooooo mature …


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