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Countryside meets suburbia

This evening I found a surprise parcel on the mat addressed to “A The Hen”.

Hmm…. what has Atilla been up to?  Last week PuddingCam suddenly went offline a couple of times. Was this because Atilla pulled out the webcam wires so she could secretly buy something off the internet?  Or has she been cheating on Cagney behind his back (difficult, as he is so often on her back) & started corresponding with some stranger who has promised her unlimited & uninterrupted sleeve chewing.  What could it be??

Ripping open the parcel revealed the following:

Yes, a very large bunch of fresh grass from the English countryside!!!   The lovely Rosebudgie, one of the Puddings & Toyboys followers, was incredibly kind & went to the trouble to hand-pick, wrap & send on the seeded grass.  Thank you so much!!!

Of course the parcel was addressed to Atilla so the big question is……. Will she share?!

Either way, having only ever been presented with tiny, pathetic sprigs of grass, I am hoping the puds & toyboys will not be too freaked out by such an abundant display of wild grasses!  Whatever their reaction, I hope to get it on camera!

Thank you again, Rosebudgie. 🙂

3 responses to “Countryside meets suburbia

  1. Marianne Marlow 27 May 2011 at 08:35

    Nice one. Well done Rose. Aren’t us budgie people nice! 🙂

    Hope the birds enjoy the grass. We expect lots of pictures!!


  2. Rosebudgie 27 May 2011 at 19:50

    If you can’t send Atilla a big bunch of grass to tear into shreds, who can you send it too! Hope the Puds and Lads enjoyed it!


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