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Daily Archives: 6 June 2011

Sharing a swing!

Usually it’s the toyboys taking their time getting to bed, but tonight, it was the puddings causing mayhem.  They both seemed to have ants in their pants & were mooching about on top of the Ferplast & on top of the Manor, way beyond normal bedtime.

Finally, they all settled down & I could lock them up for the night.  Raspy was settled in her usual spot, the front swing.  Cagney was on top of the round swing, constantly turning around, not knowing which way to sleep, & waving his tail in Raspy’s face (always a very risky thing to do but he seems oblivious to the very serious temptation he places in front of her!)

So far, all was as expected, however the slight change was that Atilla was on the back loft perch & Bezukhov was on Atilla’s back swing.  That seemed workable…. until Atilla eyed up her swing…… & quick as a flash, she jumped on, beside Bezukhov!

Bezukhov was either too sleepy or too shocked to jump off.  They dozed side-by-side for about 15 minutes before I heard a little scuffle & Bezuky retired to the perch.  All is back to normal again!