Evening news: Feed & Swings

Stop press!  This evening, at 20:45 hours, both puddings & toyboys were all eating seed at the same time!

I cannot remember the last time this happened…. or even if this has happened at all.

There are 4 seed pots, so they have one each, but normally eat on some random rota system.  At first Atilla & Bezukhov were eating.  Then Raspy started eating.  Cagney was sitting looking at Raspy & looked like he was about to jump on her pot.  I got him to step up & turned him around to see the 4th pot that he could eat from & would you believe it, he meekly went there & started eating.  There you have it…. 4 little darlings all quietly munching on their seeds!

The last few nights, bedtime positions have been a bit upset.  One evening, Cagney settled on Raspy’s swing.  Raspy sat on a lower perch & the other two sat with her, seemingly providing support that she did not have her bedtime swing.  It was quite late before Cagney moved to his usual position (on top of the round swing) & then the other three were able to settle in their usual places also.

Last night Atilla did not want to sleep on her swing & stayed on the perch which was odd.  This evening, she looked for my finger to take her to her bedtime swing but unfortunately Cagney was sat on it.  She has settled on the perch below the round swing.  I keep checking in to see if Cagney has moved yet….. but as of writing, he is still on Atilla’s swing….