All things pink

Beetroot is still popular with the puddings & toyboys.  Raspy prefers the leaves.  Both Cagney & Bezukhov suck the stalks dry & Atilla gets some by default through Cagney force feeding her. 😀

When they had beetroot the other day, Cagney was a bit impatient when feeding Atilla & did not wait for her to get in position so regurgitated over the side of her face & back of her neck, leaving her with blobs of pink all over.

Out of all of them, Cagney still managed to be the messiest, with red smeared all around his beak & his tail had pink blobs where he’d obviously trailed it in the beetroot.  Atilla tried her best to clean up Cagney, but three days later there were still beetroot stains around his beak.

They do enjoy it. 🙂

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

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