Happy 1st Birthday, Master Bezukhov!

Happy 1st birthday to the chattering… .the cheerful… the completely chirpy….. Norman Bezukhov!

To mark this special day, Bezuky was happy to fill in the birthday questionnaire. Here are his responses:

1. What has been the highlight of the last year?

Being introduced to my girl Raspy. She’s like a mirror image of me (minus black lines on her back & I guess she has a beard whereas I only have spots….)

2. What has been your biggest challenge in the last year?

Completing a hanky-panky session with my girl Raspy, when my mate Cagney isn’t otherwise engaged. He’s my best mate but he can be a right tit at times!

3. Have you changed in the last year? If yes, in what way/s?

I have become cuter.

4. If you could relive the last year what would you do differently?

Pay more attention to my girl Raspy. I regret that sometimes I have allowed my mate Cagney to take over & a few times… well many times… he has landed me in trouble… but don’t tell him I said so….

5. What do you plan to improve in the next year?

Raspy tells me….. to have more baths or showers…

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs time?

Still loving my girl Raspy-Bella. She’s everything I could ever want in a girl… beautiful, smart, feathery & bearded. I do my best to keep her happy. I make sure she is well fed (she’s not fat, she has big bones) & love to preen her pretty little face…

7. Who is your hero/heroine?

It has to be Raspy-Bella. She’s such a smart, independent girl with strong morals.

8. What is your favourite food?

Cucumber. I just lurve the bit in the middle & I am lucky cuz the others aren’t too keen so there’s more for me!

9. Do you have a favourite quote or motto?

Use one hundred chirps where one will do.