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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Play jumper

The girls still enjoy rummaging in my sleeve.

The other day, for an experiment, I threw my jumper on top of the Ferplast to see what they would make of it.  After an initial bout of shyness, the new “play” jumper was investigated by all.

However, it did not take long for Raspy to claim the play jumper as her own.

Here she is checking out the sleeve with Bezukhov guarding her back:

Then she checks out the other side but disappears & confuses Bezukhov who is supposed to be guarding her back but has lost her:

And then another rummage…

I noticed she was getting a bit “territorial” (in other words, turning into a bully) so in the end I removed my jumper & threw it on the chair.  She followed it there…

Enjoying fennel

Fennel is still popular here.  The toyboys really enjoy it so I thought I would film them eating it.  

My first attempt did not work well.  Cagney decided not to stay still.  Atilla saw the camera so was up & about whilst Raspy sat ON the camera.  Bezukhov gamely tried eating the fennel but he probably got a bit of indigestion with all the comings & goings.

The second attempt was a little better.  Here are Cagney & Bezuky chomping away at the window.

Seeing the way they heartily eat the fennel always makes me think that I should do the same & be satisfied with a piece of raw fennel for my dinner!

Surfing the remote

The toyboys like playing with the TV remote.  I usually leave it on my chair & when I return, find one of them trying to change the channel. 😀

I left it on the floor one time & got this footage of them:


Callin’ out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer’s here and the time is right for surfin’ on the remote.
Surfin’ in the Ferplast (surfin’ on the remote)
Down on the laminate floor (surfin’ on the remote)
In the Manor….

All we need is millet, sweet millet,
There’ll be millet everywhere
There’ll be swingin’ swayin’, and records playin,
Surfin’ on the remote


Normal service is resumed (Raspy)

I am pleased to report that Raspy has got over The Moult

  • She is looking beautiful again,
  • Her tail is growing quickly,
  • Rumpy-pumpy is back on the agenda &
  • She is back to sleeve chewing duties.

Here is the evidence…..

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Here is the animated evidence:

Chilling out in the Ferplast

The last two weeks, Bezukhov has spent a lot of time in the Ferplast. 

Both Cagney & Atilla go in the Ferplast but they tend to be brief visits.  When Bezukhov has been going in recently, he spends quite some time there, almost like he is chilling out & taking a break from the rest of the world (lounge).  He often confides deeply with the peg & also has long (meaningful I am sure!) chats with the mirror on the swing, as you can see in this video:

Trying his luck

Here is a video of Atilla & Cagney, taken after a misting session with celery leaves.  You can see that Atilla made the most of the water but Cagney still looks pretty dry.  He is not put off by Atilla’s dishevelled, wet appearance & still tries his luck…. several times…

Fancy feather

The other day, I came across this interesting feather. 

At first I thought it was Cagney’s because he has some interesting markings, but it is too dark to be his.  I suspect it is Bezukhov’s feather as the fluff part looks a bit grey & the others all have white fluff. 

So, Bezukhov is sporting some rather snazzy “under” feathers…. I would say the equivalent to fancy animal print boxers. 😀

My poor pin-headed girl

Raspy’s head is covered in pin feathers.  She looks uncomfortable.  She looks rough!  The good news is that her poops are returning to normal & she seems a little more herself.  However, she was looking a bit miserable this evening so I sneaked a little millet to her whilst she was “in bed” on her swing…..

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Roly poly pudding

“Roly poly” suggests something a bit cuddly…. but I think Atilla looks a little menacing!

First time ever!

For the first time ever, I have scratched a feathery head!

The moult has hit Raspy hard this time.  However, she is gradually returning to herself a bit more & today she flew to the window perch three times.  She has also had a little chew of my sleeve.  More importantly, she has been more vocal & tweeting & grumbling.

At one point, she was sat on my finger, giving her foot a good clean.  Bezukhov came over to give her a kiss but she was too engrossed in her foot to pay any attention to him so he went away. Her little head, with its pins, was so close that I thought I would attempt to touch her.  Amazingly, I was able to gently rub her feathers from the back of her neck all the way up & down towards her cere!

Her foot looked perfectly fine to me so I really do not know why she was spending so much time on it but it gave me a good 5 minutes or so of gently ruffling her head feathers. 🙂

To my surprise, I found many hard pin feathers underneath so I am not surprised she’s been so under the weather. 

Just for the record, later on, when I (unsuccessfully) tried the same again, Raspy gave my finger a look that made me think of Mae Busch in Oliver The Eighth……  “What is THAT?”  See 47 seconds into this clip: Laurel and Hardy – Oliver the Eighth Funny Clips