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Daily Archives: 4 July 2011

The carpet had to go!

Yes, the carpet had to go!

There were several reasons for the decision to replace the lounge carpet with laminate flooring:

  1. Food squashed in the carpet.  The boys think nothing of flying off with lumps of food in their beaks & dropping it in all manner of places.  Atilla also thinks nothing of tearing food to pieces & leaving a ring of destroyed vegetable around the Manor, with some pieces managing to find their way under the chairs & across the other side of the room.
  2. Pink poops staining the carpet.  Yes, the infamous beetroot stained poops.  Fairly easy to get off the carpet, but they do leave a little pink mark.
  3. Huge sloppy poops.  Not naming names….. but Atilla can drop some very large, messy poops which can be a little difficult to clean!

So, decision made, job booked & room emptied.  The puddings & toyboys were to take a little holiday in my bedroom whilst the work was being carried out.

Unfortunately, the work was undertaken on the hottest days of the year & my bedroom got very hot, even with the fan.  I would often find them all huddled together on the same perch, directly in line with the air from the fan!

The girls noticed every noise. There was a lot of banging & drilling to keep them on their toes.  The toyboys took it all in their stride & carried on as normal.

Here is Cagney preening Atilla (watch at 20 seconds in, where he tries to get into a better position by putting his foot on her head. :)):

The work spanned two days so in the evening, I gave the puddings & toyboys the option to have a fly around my bedroom.  Though the boys had been quarantined in that room, they were never let out so it would be a new experience for all of them.

After bird-proofing the room, I gingerly opened them up…… Unsurprisingly, Cagney was the first out & he expertly did a few laps.  Bezukhov came out & pottered on top of the Manor before doing a few laps himself.  Surprisingly, Atilla also emerged from the Manor & even more surprisingly, flew to the far wall, turned, & flew back to the Manor!  I think even she was surprised at her agility, so she did it again!  The third time she landed on the floor on the return lap (pity she missed the soft bed!) but all in all, she did very well.  Raspy had no desire to leave the Manor.

Unfortunately, during their imprisonment holiday, there was a major fight between the toyboys.  I watched it unfold & was unable to do anything because the floor was in progress & windows were open etc.  It was triggered by both pairs having synchronised “hanky-panky”.  When this happens, I always will Bezuky to finish before Cagney because if he doesn’t, there is a very high probability of a fight happening, as it did on this day.  Cagney finished first, & instead of letting Bezuky & Raspy complete their session, he tried to join in & unfortunately, Bezukhov the Bruiser was having none of it…. Both boys were rolling around the floor of the cage, neither willing to give in.  They were squarking & thrashing about…. I did not know where one finished & the other started, they were so entwined.  Somehow, the fight ended.  Bezukhov was clearly the winner & pranced about showing off.  Cagney, retired to the perch to quietly preen & recover.  I could see the poor boy had a tiny bit of blood on his head.  As the days have progressed, his injury is still noticeable.  Although the blood has gone, his feathers in that area are still at a funny angle.  It makes me think that this must be how he got his “quiff” a few months back.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

It was a relief when the floor was completed & puddings & toyboys could be wheeled back into the newly laminated lounge.  They made the most of the strange echo from the new flooring & lack of furniture by making a lot of noise!  It was not long before the floor was christened with poops & spinach.  Both toyboys tried out the floor early on.  Atilla even tried it during an unplanned landing where she skidded across half the room.  I think she quite enjoyed it!