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Daily Archives: 12 July 2011

First time ever!

For the first time ever, I have scratched a feathery head!

The moult has hit Raspy hard this time.  However, she is gradually returning to herself a bit more & today she flew to the window perch three times.  She has also had a little chew of my sleeve.  More importantly, she has been more vocal & tweeting & grumbling.

At one point, she was sat on my finger, giving her foot a good clean.  Bezukhov came over to give her a kiss but she was too engrossed in her foot to pay any attention to him so he went away. Her little head, with its pins, was so close that I thought I would attempt to touch her.  Amazingly, I was able to gently rub her feathers from the back of her neck all the way up & down towards her cere!

Her foot looked perfectly fine to me so I really do not know why she was spending so much time on it but it gave me a good 5 minutes or so of gently ruffling her head feathers. 🙂

To my surprise, I found many hard pin feathers underneath so I am not surprised she’s been so under the weather. 

Just for the record, later on, when I (unsuccessfully) tried the same again, Raspy gave my finger a look that made me think of Mae Busch in Oliver The Eighth……  “What is THAT?”  See 47 seconds into this clip: Laurel and Hardy – Oliver the Eighth Funny Clips