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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hooked & forked

Bezukhov has a hooked tail at the moment.  I am not sure how that has come about.  Either someone has tweaked it, or he’s been messing about with toys & got it caught. 

Raspy’s tail is forked.

Together they are a right pair.

Not a fan

As we all know, Raspy is not a fan of Cagney.  Often, she does not even like him sitting on the same perch as her.  The good (or bad?) thing is that Cagney does not take this personally & if truth be told, I think he thinks her chasing him away is a good game!

There is the added bonus of Raspy having more exercise chasing Cagney away.  Also,  Bezukhov can act like a knight in shining armour, coming to his girlfriend’s rescue, though Raspy can look after herself.

Here is the evidence:


From early on, my puddings have been on the slightly bigger side.

Plant pot stand

I was lucky enough to weigh them when they were just a few months old & this has given me a good reference point.  I do not think they will mind me telling the world their weight at the height of youth & fitness: Raspy was 48g & Atilla was 52g.

Their weights were actually quite heavy but this must have been because of their big-bones and/or part exhibition genes.

I regret to say that over time, their weight has steadily increased, Atilla’s slightly more so than Raspy.  This has not been as a result of being fed bad food as they have always had vegetables, very little millet (which is supposed to be fattening although I believe the jury is still out on that one) & virtually no honey sticks/bells.

Slipping the digital scales under the stand

They will not thank me for divulging how much heavier they became….

Since Atilla’s recent acquisition of a fatty lump, I have resurrected the “weigh-in.

To make it easier, I now convert the plant pot stand into weighing scales. 🙂  The pictures show how I do this.  The measurements are pretty accurate, although do change by a gram or two when the stand wobbles.

Waiting for pudding or toyboy to land on stand to get their weight

This is the first time I have weighed the toyboys & they both come in at approx 41g, which I believe is average.  The surprise is that the boys weigh the same… I thought Cagney would be a lot lighter than Bezukhov.

Once again, the girls would not be happy if I told the world their current weight.  There is another surprise here in that Raspy weighs the same as Atilla.

(All weights are approximate).

Lone spider plant

Since having the new floor laid, I have not yet returned the spider plants to the lounge, due to lack of furniture to put them on.  However, last week I found space on the low TV table, so a plant now peeks out from behind the telly.

Beady-eyed Cagney has already clocked it & each day he has made an attempt to land on it.  So far he has not been successful but something tells me he will not be giving up any time soon…

I am hoping this plant will escape the fate of the other one.

Update on bedtime positions

After about 3 weeks of not sleeping on a bedtime swing, Atilla has finally returned to the loft area.  This has meant we are back to shuffling again.

The last few nights she has slept on each swing, the back one, the front one & the round one…. generally whichever swing was available.  Tonight she claimed the front swing first.  Cagney settled on the round swing next to her & Bezukhov on the back swing.  This left Raspy still on her swinging perch & no bedtime swing, only the fixed perch left in the loft area.  I could see in her eyes that this was not an acceptable state of affairs.

Still, I was not too concerned because I thought there was still time for either Cagney to move to the top of a swing or Bezukhov to move to the fixed perch which he sometimes sleeps on.  In the end, Bezukhov got off his swing (I think only for a brief stretch) & Raspy dived on it quickly.  Bezuky decided to squeeze onto the round swing with Cagney but that caused a bit of a kerfuffle resulting in Cagney retiring to the top of Atilla’s swing which is where he probably would have chosen to sleep for the rest of the night anyway!

All is calm.  For now.

No one puts baby corn in the corner

No one puts baby corn in the corner except Atilla, who shreds it & throws it all over the Manor… all over the floor… & into at least one corner of the room….



I left another two pieces on top of the Ferplast.  Moments later I looked & there was only one left & no sign of the other…  Until I peered underneath the radiator….

Jammed behind the radiator

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No!  It’s a remote-controlled helicopter!!!

It certainly spooked Bezukhov as he was gazing out the lounge window & this big, yellow, mechanical thing suddenly loomed into view, right in front of him!

Well, truth be told…. it spooked me too. 🙂

Pudding OR Toyboy?

Hmm….. methinks Bezukhov is looking a tad puddingy here….

Musical cages

Since posting about the toyboys attempting to swap puddings, there have been further incidents.  Twice I have separated the couples, letting Raspy & Bezukhov sleep overnight in the Ferplast.  Last night was one such occasion.  It was all getting a bit frantic.  In the end, I took Raspy to the open Ferplast door & she could not get in there quick enough!  She had no intention of coming out either! 

Meanwhile, Bezukhov was flirting with Atilla, not even noticing that his girl was now in the Ferplast, with Cagney trying to squeeze his beak through to give her a kiss.  At one point, I locked Atilla in the  Manor on her own.  Then I let Cagney in with her.  Eventually, Bezukhov decided he wanted to be with Raspy so I let him into the Ferplast.  By this time, it was bedtime & both couples settled down quickly.

This morning, all was fine when I let them out all together. 

The Ferplast has turned into an essential get-away-from-it-all home!

Dill misting

Puddings & Toyboys had a dill misting this weekend.  The boys were not so enthusiastic & waited for me to stop spraying the water before tucking into the dill.  Atilla opted out of the last misting I gave them, so I was pleased she was back on form & had a thorough wash & completely wore herself out!

This is left intentionally blank.