Synchronised boogie-woogie-ing

If there were medals awarded for Best Synchronised Budgie Boogie-Woogie-ing, the Puddings & Toyboys would win hands-down…. or rather wings-down.

Usually it is Cagney & Atilla who start off proceedings.  There will be a bit of faffing about & Atilla will shake Cagney off her back several times but that never deters him.  When they get going, Bezukhov & Raspy get amorous too.  The noise levels at this time go through the roof! 

The best-case scenario is for Bezukhov & Raspy to finish first, at which point, Bezuky may go over & sit on top of the Manor, above Cagney & Atilla & scrutinise their progress.

The worst-case scenario is if Cagney & Atilla finish first & then it is highly likely that Cagney will want to move onto Raspy (with no questions or discussion or please or excuse me).  This inevitably results in a fight between Cagney & Bezukhov.  In fact, it’s the only time they do fight so you can imagine me willing Bezuky & Raspy to finish The Act first!

An irritation

From the post title, you will be forgiven for thinking this will be about Cagney but it is actually about Atilla & an irritating feather stump.

I noticed one morning that she was tugging at something on the bare part of her belly.  On closer inspection I could see a grey stump which I can only assume was the end of a feather.  She was pulling & tugging so hard it bled on the tip & she had some blood on her beak. 

She then largely left it alone except for the occasional tug.  However, a couple of days later, she was finally successful & pulled the nasty thing out.  The only problem was that there was blood smeared across her belly & again, on her beak.  She looked like she had been in the wars, poor darling.

She is fine now the irritation has gone. 🙂

Peas, peas and more peas

Peas are very popular here.  Puddings & Toyboys enjoy a pea.  I either get mange tout or sugar snap peas.  If I am in the mood to pamper them, I break open the pods & scoop out the peas for them.  Often, if they are faced with a dish with multiple vegetables, including peas, they go for the peas first. 

Here are some photos of them enjoying their peas…. peas….. & more peas…..

(Click on photos to enlarge)

The baby toy

About 6 months ago, I picked up a baby toy in a charity shop & thought it would be good for the toyboys to play with.  It is one of those toys with squiggly wires & wooden blocks you can move along.  I gave it a good clean & left it out for them to play with.

It has been on the window ledge for some time & although they might have landed on it, it was only by accident (Raspy landed on it once & that was not planned either). 

They were not scared of it…. but were not interested in it either….  Until a few days ago when I spotted the toyboys checking it out!  I managed to quickly take some photos as evidence!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now I can rest easy, knowing that I have not wasted that fifty pence.

One potato, two potato…

three potato, four…

If you know the rhyme it will give you some idea of Raspy’s tactic to get out of Mr Exotic Vet’s grasp! 

Yes, there has been yet another visit from Mr EV.  This time, his usual Lovely Assistant was not available, so he brought Lovely Assistant Numero Two (LAN2).

My main concerns this time were that:

  1. Atilla’s fatty lump appeared to have spawned another lump further down in her “undercarriage” area, &
  2. Raspy now weighs the same as her sister (she has always been less).

In preparation for the visit, I locked the Toyboys in the Ferplast when they had both gone in to nibble at the iodine block, even though there is a block in the Manor.   This left the puddings alone in the Manor.  I noticed that Raspy immediately went to Atilla’s perch to sit near her.  She was bashing Atilla’s mirror but I suspect that was her way of being affectionate without losing face (see video below).

I gave them some dill soaked in camomile tea in the hope it would help to keep them calm.  They were happy chomping away together.  They were happy until Mr EV & LAN2 arrived….

Normally, if I put my hand in the cage, both girls are happy to jump on, if only to bite me, chew my sleeve or cadge a lift to another perch.  With Mr EV there, they did not even entertain the idea of sitting on my finger.  I even showed them their favourite toy, the camera, to tempt them but no, they were not going to be fooled.  Unfortunately, that meant Mr EV went in with his cloth…..

Raspy came out first & was flying all around the room.  We left her, to focus on Atilla, who also bombed out the Manor.  She landed on the floor & LAN2 quickly bundled her up.

Atilla was vocal about the indignity of being held.  Mr EV had a listen to her heart & breathing & gave her a prod & a poke.

His verdict on the lump situation is that the bottom lump is actually part of the initial chest lump that has slipped down as it is not attached to anything.  He reckoned she was in better overall condition than last time.  Her heart was strong & her breathing fine.

Though I am still concerned about her lump, I am well aware that he could have said a whole lot worse so I feel some relief.

Raspy was next.  She managed to fly behind the curtain where Mr EV gathered her up in his cloth.  Raspy was about 10 times more vocal than Atilla.  I think Mr EV & LAN2 were a bit surprised at the ferocity of her protest.  Raspy proceeded to squirm & that is when Mr EV started the one potato, two potato actions with his hands, as he tried to keep hold of her!  She had her toenails trimmed but kept holding onto the clipper with the foot that was free.  Mr EV gave her a prod & poke also.

He said he could not feel any lumps.  Like Atilla, her heartbeat & breathing were good.

So, job done & Mr EV & LAN2 departed, leaving the puddings to recover in the Manor.  When I saw they were both preening, I thought about letting the Toyboys back out.

I do not exaggerate when I say that within less than a minute of being let out, Cagney had his leg over Atilla!  He loves that girl!  Bezukhov was covering Raspy with kisses also.  They had only been apart for 2 hours at most.

When they had got their “greetings” over with, I got out the rest of the camomile-tea-soaked dill & gave them a misting.  All had a romp in the dill, apart from Raspy who watched, but she did give Bezukhov’s head a good preen afterwards (see video below).

Raspy & Atilla alone in the Manor:

Raspy preening Bezukhov (Atilla was “helping” me film, hence camera shake):

Broccoli Vs Cauliflower

What would you put your money on?  I would have gone for broccoli.  Every time.


I would have lost.

Yes, it appears CAULIFLOWER is a hit!!  A surprise hit!

In the past, I have presented the puddings with cauliflower & though they have not been scared of it they have barely managed a little nibble now & then.  It really did not light their fire.  I expected the toyboys to also give it a lukewarm reception.

I mixed up some tips of broccoli with cauliflower & left it out in the dish.  I thought they would eat the broccoli at least.  Here is how it looked before they tucked in:

Broccoli and cauliflower

When I took their dish away, I was surprised to see only green…. where were the white bits?!

Broccoli and.... broccoli!

The boys had picked out all the cauliflower!  Here is a video showing them doing just that…. followed by a lesson from Atilla on how to steal the limelight!

Poop pictures

We are long overdue for a poop update!  As expected, Atilla is the primary contributor to this post.

Atilla has moments of being active.  When she is, she poops more often & they are smaller poops (though still larger than the other three’s poops).  However, she does still have lazy times when she is stationary for awhile & these times usually coincide with when they are locked up in the Manor. 

She is still able to produce humungous poops.  With the new laminate flooring, these poops can splatter quite a bit on impact from up high.  Evidence in the slideshow below….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. I can’t help but think that the laminate flooring pictures would be good candidates for the Ink Blot Test. 😀

The flying wounded

Cagney & his head wound

One morning, last week, when I woke the puddings & toyboys up, I found Cagney had a wound on his head.  The only explanation is that the boys had an early morning fight.  Despite having an unsightly, red mark on his head, Cagney was his usual self.

Red-eyed Cagney

On returning home that evening, Cagney presented another injury to me  This time, the surrounding of his right eye was red.  Once again, he was fine in himself.  He did not appear to be irritated by the wound & his eye itself looked fine.  Admittedly, the red eye did make him look a little demented.  Again, I can only assume that this was the work of Bezukhov the Bruiser.

Atilla holding her foot up

If this was not enough, Atilla decided to stress me out further by holding her right foot up.  She still does this.  I am not sure what the problem is.  She can still grip with it but she seems to want to rest it more.  It’s possible she landed badly on it & just needs to rest it (Raspy had this problem a little while ago) or perhaps her fatty lump is pressing on a nerve that affects her leg & foot?

In fact, her fatty lump has turned into two fatty lumps…. 😦

Atilla laying across the perch

Atilla alarmed me further the other night by laying across her perch.  She has done this in the past on the cuttlefish but that looked more comfortable with it being wide & flat. 

To end on a more positive note & to link in with the “flying” of the post title, I got quite a good picture of Atilla landing on the landing platform with her wings spread out.  I think she looks magnificent!

Action shot of Atilla