The flying wounded

Cagney & his head wound

One morning, last week, when I woke the puddings & toyboys up, I found Cagney had a wound on his head.  The only explanation is that the boys had an early morning fight.  Despite having an unsightly, red mark on his head, Cagney was his usual self.

Red-eyed Cagney

On returning home that evening, Cagney presented another injury to me  This time, the surrounding of his right eye was red.  Once again, he was fine in himself.  He did not appear to be irritated by the wound & his eye itself looked fine.  Admittedly, the red eye did make him look a little demented.  Again, I can only assume that this was the work of Bezukhov the Bruiser.

Atilla holding her foot up

If this was not enough, Atilla decided to stress me out further by holding her right foot up.  She still does this.  I am not sure what the problem is.  She can still grip with it but she seems to want to rest it more.  It’s possible she landed badly on it & just needs to rest it (Raspy had this problem a little while ago) or perhaps her fatty lump is pressing on a nerve that affects her leg & foot?

In fact, her fatty lump has turned into two fatty lumps…. 😦

Atilla laying across the perch

Atilla alarmed me further the other night by laying across her perch.  She has done this in the past on the cuttlefish but that looked more comfortable with it being wide & flat. 

To end on a more positive note & to link in with the “flying” of the post title, I got quite a good picture of Atilla landing on the landing platform with her wings spread out.  I think she looks magnificent!

Action shot of Atilla

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