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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Practise DEFINITELY makes perfect!

Atilla has been practising very hard.  (See previous post “Practise makes perfect“) 

I am not sure where she can go from here as it is not possible to improve on perfection.  Or is it?








Either way, I do believe it is time I move that swing to someplace else….

End of British summer time

This weekend was officially the end of summer.  We need an official date as the weather is too unpredictable to work it out by that alone.  However, it has definitely turned chilly recently.

To make sure my little darlings are not cold of a night, I have now changed their summer bedtime cover for a winter one.  It is a new cover, bought especially for them & is an inoffensive beige colour (previous experience says that red is a no-no).

Last night was the first time I put it on.  Raspy, Bezukhov & Cagney did not bat an eyelid, but Atilla was on the alert.  This was something new & it had to be personally approved!  Atilla was soon to be found in the corner of the manor, chewing at it through the bars.  I am pleased to say that it passed the test!

Atilla is often the one to test out new things first.  I am sure she feels this is one of her duties as Flock Boss.

Today, the iodine block fell off its plastic holder.  (It gave us all a scare as it fell to the floor with quite a thud!)  Fortunately, I had recently bought a replacement one so put the new one in.  Who was first to investigate?  Yes, Atilla.  The iodine block passed the test too!

This evening, I am wearing my new pyjamas.  They were bought online & described as “funky“.  Basically, they are very bright & bold!  I put a plain cardigan over the top so as not to shock the puddings & toyboys.  They did all go quiet though…..  However, Atilla, being the leader, was the first to jump on my sleeve & have a little tentative nibble of my funky pyjamas.  I do not think they have been fully approved yet, so testing is still in progress!

Practise makes perfect

Atilla certainly has been practising…

Generally, she does not poop from her designated “boss-spot”, where all Manor & room activity can be monitored at a glance.  At poop time, she usually goes somewhere else.  If locked in the Manor, the current favoured pooping perch is the “Alan” swing. 

She will poop as it swings.  This will mean her poop could hit a variety of places, depending on the time that it is released.  The most lethal timing is on the backward swing, where the perch below will get a big sloppy poop.  However, she has been swinging a bit more & dropping poop at a time that it manages to hit the edge of the seed pot but then slides down the side.  With practice she has finally managed to get her poop slap bang in the middle of the seed! 

What a gal!

All of a quiver

Atilla has another irritating feather stump.  This time I caught her on film, desperately trying to do something with it, yet at the same time, not wanting to touch it!

She looked so uncomfortable I thought I would attempt to put some savlon on her belly.  When she was on my arm it was quite easy for me to get my hand around her but she was so fidgety that I could not hold her for long, especially as I had the savlon in my other hand.  (Plus the 2 boys were on my hand trying to get to her!)  I managed to smear a little on her belly.  I hope it helped her.  She seemed to leave it alone after that, but maybe it was just because of the distraction rather than the cream itself doing any good.


Following on from yesterday’s post about Chu Chu Raspy-Bella & her chewing…. she also likes to chew stitches from my clothes.  The other day, she was quiet for awhile, perched on my finger, messing about with my top. 

I discovered later that she had chewed through the stitches holding a button on! 

Nothing is safe!

Chu Chu Bella

Raspy-Bella chews a lot of wood.  It seems to be her main hobby.  I call her my Chu Chu Bella, from the song by the Marino Marini Quartet (click here to listen to it).  It seems fitting.

Here she is in action, rounding off the square edges of the swinging perch….


Evening shenanigans

Perhaps it is something in the water… or maybe a full moon… or more probably it is plain & simple budgie naughtiness!

The recent routine has mostly been the following:

  • Morning – out & about for a fly
  • Afternoon – locked in for siesta
  • Evening – out & about for a fly & daily bottom paper clean

Now, each evening the same thing happens when I let them out – the toyboys want to swap partners!

The puddings are still adamant they do not want to swap partners.

Both boys hit on their mate’s pudding at the same time & it makes it difficult to decide which pudding to rescue first.  Raspy is usually the first to fly to escape Cagney’s advances.  She usually lands on the floor at some point as Cagney has far more energy than her.  I show her the open Ferplast cage door & she readily runs in to shelter from the storm that is Cagney.

Meanwhile, Bezukhov is being highly arrogant & hitting on flock boss Atilla.  Once Raspy has been locked up in the Ferplast, Cagney, after trying to flirt with her through the bars, goes to Atilla but Bezukhov chases him away.  If he exits the Manor to chase Cagney away then I quickly lock Atilla up alone.  After a short time, I let Cagney in to be with Atilla & then Bezukhov wants to go into the Ferplast to be with Raspy.  I let them chill out for a bit with their correct partners before releasing them again.

This evening was slightly different in that Atilla landed on the floor trying to get away from Bezukhov.  In fact, Raspy had already landed on the floor.  The toyboys were on the floor also, still pursuing their wrong partner.  They were all on the floor!  Such confusion!

This time I managed to get both Raspy & Atilla into the Ferplast.  (Raspy quite likes the chill out zone but Atilla was a bit put out to be away from her Manor).  The boys camped outside the Ferplast, waiting not-very-patiently to be let in or for the girls to be let out….

What’s wrong with this picture?

Something is not quite right about this photo.  Can you guess what is wrong?

Yep, that’s right….. Naughty Bezukhov is giving Atilla a kiss! 


Pudding in my sleeve

Both Atilla & Raspy are still keen on chewing my sleeve. 

The last couple of mornings Atilla has greeted me by jumping on the platform perch & trying to get my sleeve.  If I can, I push a little through the bars so she can have a chew.  Previously, I thought they did not like black clothes, but she wanted to chew my new black jumper.

When they come out the Manor, they have free reign of chewing my clothes.  My sleeves are obviously the most accessible.  Often I will be standing there, with a pudding in the crook of each arm, having a good chew.  They could chew for England!

A real treat for them, particularly Atilla, is if I wear something with baggy sleeves.  Atilla will try very, very hard to get inside.  Once she’s in, she has a good rummage & may peck at my armpit & if she’s really on form, will go the whole hog & come out by my belly (see previous post Atilla’s Got Talent).  As soon as she’s out of my sleeve she immediately wants to go back in.

Here are some recent photos & quick video of Atilla in action:

A special trip

The alarming sight of Raspy stumbling across the Ferplast, as reported in my previous post, made me search (again) for an avian vet.  Mr Vet who has been seeing the puddings recently is really Mr Exotic Vet.  What I needed was a Mr Avian Vet.

When I first got the puddings, I took them to an avian vet for a check up.  He then retired (I do not believe it was related to his encounter with the puddings).  However, during my search this week, I found that he has semi-retired & has surgeries on certain days at different practices.  The nearest one was about a 45 minute drive away but he is only there once a fortnight. Fortunately, that day was just a few days away so I booked both puddings in – Raspy for her balance problem & Atilla for her lumps & bumps.

As you know, I was so concerned about Raspy that I took her the next day to see Mr Vet & I am pleased to say that with a little rest, she has been improving.

Anyway, this meant that Atilla was now the prime patient for Mr Avian Vet.

Toyboys bow down to their leader

Can we tunnel in?

The night before the special trip, out came the travel cage again…. You should have seen Raspy give it a wide berth when she flew past!

How to get Atilla in though?

Well, I was very lucky as she flew to the side of the Manor & whereas usually I would offer my finger for her to step up, this time, I cupped my hands around her & with a little juggling to stop her from escaping, managed to get her into the travel cage!

Unlike Raspy, she did not settle at all.  She was most indignant at being put into such unglamorous surroundings!  And Cagney?  Oh boy…. he could not understand why he was unable get to his girl!  I could not risk letting him in (as I did Bezukhov with Raspy) to give Atilla a kiss as I knew Atilla would barge her way out the second the door was opened.  So, it had to be “cold turkey” for the couple.

It was a tough night for them. Cagney took ages to settle in the Manor, & in the end, perched on the peg at the front of the cage directly where he could see his girl, a couple of yards away in the small cage.  I do not think Atilla slept at all…. she looked quite bleary eyed the next morning.

Fortunately, the appointment was in the morning.  I wrapped up the travel cage & took Atilla out the room.  Cagney was going spare at this point. 😦

Atilla coped well during the car journey & shouted a good few times.  We arrived at the vets with just 5 minutes to spare so were not waiting long before being called in.

Mr Avian Vet asked lots of questions about Atilla’s diet, her background, her living quarters & her exercise levels.  He then gave her a prod & a poke.  Atilla was very, very vocal at this point & Mr Avian Vet’s assistant promptly gave her a cloth to chew on.

Here, take this nail file...

How can we get jiggy??

Mr Avian Vet’s expertise could very easily be measured by the fact that Atilla had no chance of giving him a bite!

So, we know Atilla has fatty lumps….. but what was his verdict?

He agreed about her fatty lumps, however, he said that underneath her “undercarriage” lump was a hernia.

Dietary changes are the first thing to do, most of which I do already.  The only addition is to increase her iodine intake.  This can be done by feeding seaweed or scraping iodine block over seed.

We are to report back to him in 2 months time.  The best we can do is contain the lumps & hernia.

So, consultation over & just the drive home before Atilla could be reunited with her flock.  For all I knew there was anarchy at home with no flock boss!

Atilla was more vocal on the drive home & shouted quite a lot.  I sensed that she knew the worst bit was over & the best was to come.  On our return, she shouted even more when she heard the others.  As I took her into the room, the feathers on her head were all stood up with excitement!

I did not waste any time getting her back to the Manor & to Cagney!

Cagney was besides himself with joy at having her back.  To say he was on her back within 10 seconds is not an understatement!  However, she shook him off as she had to inspect the Manor first.  She had a seed out of each pot, some water & sat on each perch & once she was satisfied everything was how she had left it, boogie-woogie could commence!