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Daily Archives: 9 October 2011

An unbalanced but brave girl

Last Thursday morning, I noticed that Raspy was wobbling.  She would sit on my finger & her grip was fine but I could feel her body swaying like she was trying to keep her balance.  She was flying well but when landing, her balance was clearly not right.  I also noticed that when she stretched out her wing she did not lift her foot at the same time.  Hmm….. not good.

She seemed to be struggling to avoid Cagney’s advances so I separated her into the Ferplast with Bezukhov, & only let her out to stretch her wings when Cagney was locked in the Manor.   She was trying to carry on as normal & at one point, sat on the swing, preening, bent double with one foot up….. but still wobbling…  She fell off the perch at one stage & that was too much…..

A vet visit was on the cards….

I managed to get her booked in at the vets for the next day.  Normally I go for the convenience of a home visit but this time the wait would have been too long, plus because Raspy was stumbling around on top of the Ferplast, it was easy to gather her up & pop her in the travel cage.

During the evening I let her out for a fly but she was still much the same.  At intervals, I let Bezuky go into the travel cage to give her some regurgitated food or for her to give him a preen, but Raspy spent the night alone in the travel cage.

The next morning, Raspy had to be very brave, as I covered the cage up & took her out to the car for the drive to the vets.  Once in the car, I opened the cover a little so she could get her bearings. She was very quiet but coped well.

At the vets we waited patiently for our turn.  Mr Vet came out to the waiting room & saw the little covered cage & the first thing he asked, through gritted teeth, was, “Are the two of them in there?“.  I think he was relieved to be dealing with just one pudding!

In the consultation room, Raspy put up a good fight!  She squirmed & twisted & turned & managed to bite Mr Vet so that he winced & said, “That was hard!”  There’s something a little comical about a grown man wincing over a bite from such a tiny creature…. & a girl at that! He gave her the cloth to bite on to save his fingers & then gave her the customary prod & poke.

His verdict?

Mr Vet believes she has some fatty tissue around her lower belly that has moved & unsettled nerves near her leg/s.  He prescribed rest & relaxation for a few days.

A couple of other things were fortunately ruled out.  She does not have a respiratory problem or a problem with her central nervous system, both of which could cause balance issues.

So, we were free to go… once my wallet was a little lighter.

Raspy seemed less stressed on the trip back, almost like she knew she was on her way home. 🙂

Once I put her travel cage back on top of the Ferplast, all the chirping & shouting immediately started.  I did not waste any time…  I got her into the Ferplast, then I opened up the Manor.  Cagney immediately flew to the window perch (as usual) but Bezukhov flew straight to the Ferplast where I let him in so he could give his girlfriend a big welcome home kiss!

In fact, it was not long before both couples were having celebratory boogie-woogie-ing!

Since then, I have let them have flight time all together – Cagney has not been harassing Raspy too much – but have separated the couples at locking up times.

A few days later, I am pleased to say that Raspy does not seem as bad as she was. 🙂