Pudding in my sleeve

Both Atilla & Raspy are still keen on chewing my sleeve. 

The last couple of mornings Atilla has greeted me by jumping on the platform perch & trying to get my sleeve.  If I can, I push a little through the bars so she can have a chew.  Previously, I thought they did not like black clothes, but she wanted to chew my new black jumper.

When they come out the Manor, they have free reign of chewing my clothes.  My sleeves are obviously the most accessible.  Often I will be standing there, with a pudding in the crook of each arm, having a good chew.  They could chew for England!

A real treat for them, particularly Atilla, is if I wear something with baggy sleeves.  Atilla will try very, very hard to get inside.  Once she’s in, she has a good rummage & may peck at my armpit & if she’s really on form, will go the whole hog & come out by my belly (see previous post Atilla’s Got Talent).  As soon as she’s out of my sleeve she immediately wants to go back in.

Here are some recent photos & quick video of Atilla in action: