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Daily Archives: 25 October 2011

Practise makes perfect

Atilla certainly has been practising…

Generally, she does not poop from her designated “boss-spot”, where all Manor & room activity can be monitored at a glance.  At poop time, she usually goes somewhere else.  If locked in the Manor, the current favoured pooping perch is the “Alan” swing. 

She will poop as it swings.  This will mean her poop could hit a variety of places, depending on the time that it is released.  The most lethal timing is on the backward swing, where the perch below will get a big sloppy poop.  However, she has been swinging a bit more & dropping poop at a time that it manages to hit the edge of the seed pot but then slides down the side.  With practice she has finally managed to get her poop slap bang in the middle of the seed! 

What a gal!