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Daily Archives: 2 November 2011

Egg & seaweed, anyone?

Following Mr Avian Vet’s advice, I have started giving the Puddings & Toyboys seaweed. 

Egg with seaweed - it looks like black pepper!

It comes in a powdered form.  The smell when the bag is opened is so strong it could almost knock you off your feet!  I thought, there is no way the girls & boys will go for this!

The first time I offered it was with egg.  They had two dishes of egg, one with seaweed sprinkled on & the other without.  Which one would they go for?  My concern was for nothing as the toyboys did not seem to notice the seaweed & ate the egg from both dishes. 

Munching away

Now, I sprinkle the seaweed on top of their seed.  It seems to disappear but I am not sure whether they are eating it (by accident or otherwise) or whether it has blown away during a wing flap or something.

Either way, I have a big bag to get through so I’ll carry on giving it to them!

Here is a video of them eating their egg & seaweed & generally having a mooch about on top of the Ferplast: