Two poorly puddings (2 of 3)

Whilst Raspy was resting, I was able to turn my attention to the others.  Atilla did not seem her usual self…  In fact, she dozed on my shoulder for about half an hour which was unusual as normally she would use the opportunity to chew my jumper or my hair or ear.  When I changed their bottom paper, I found that Atilla’s poop was far from normal…. very green & watery.  If you can imagine a mushy pea soup, then you will get the picture…

So now I have two poorly puddings….  As the evening wore on, I could see that Atilla really wanted some peace & quiet, so quickly cleaned up the travel/hospital cage (again) & put her in there.  After much faffing around, I managed to persuade the toyboys to spend the night together in the Manor, whilst Raspy rested in the Ferplast & Atilla was in the hospital cage.  Naturally, I checked on both puddings through the night….

Morning came & Raspy was no better.  She was not worse, but not better either.  Atilla’s poop was still dreadful.  Better call the vet….  I managed to book her in with Mr Exotic Vet (back from his holiday) for that afternoon.

As the day progressed, it seemed that Raspy got worse & was straining but nothing, not even poop, was coming out.  About an hour before the vet appointment, she fell off the perch.  She got back up again, but by this time I was really worried about her.  I put her in the hospital cage with her sister so I could take them both to Mr EV.

By the time I got to Mr EV, I was all choked up at having two poorly girls.  I filled him in on what had happened to Raspy since he had last seen her on the Friday.  He checked her over & could not feel an egg.  He also checked to see if there was any obstruction in her vent area as she had not been pooping & said all was fine there.  He suggested I take her home & give her some painkillers as she was most probably still uncomfortable & sore from the operation.

He checked Atilla over & said she had an infection, probably brought on by the stress of seeing her sister ill.  He gave her antibiotics to clear the infection up.

We got home around 16:30.  I could hear both toyboys shouting from my front door.  As soon as I brought the girls into the lounge, they calmed down a little.  I immediately put Raspy in the Ferplast for more rest, however, she seemed worse….