A stunning blow (3 of 3)

On returning from the vets, Raspy got rapidly worse.  It was alarming.  As she was struggling to stay on the perch, I held her in my hands, close to my chest.  She was still straining.  I tried to administer painkiller but she would not open her beak.

For the next hour I just held her & told her she was my beautiful little girl & that we all loved her.  Strangely, you could hear a pin drop.  The boys were completely quiet.  No mean feat for them.  I paced the room, holding Raspy, trying to keep her warm & comfortable.  After about an hour of this, she gave a twitch of her shoulders & that was it.  My beautiful baby was gone.

About 5 minutes after she passed, the toyboys started tweeting again.

I carried on holding her for another hour, unable to let her go.

She was so soft & so beautiful.


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10 thoughts on “A stunning blow (3 of 3)

  1. rosebudgie

    This is so sad, but also so good that you were with her, and that Raspy’s last days have been honoured by this wonderful, heartbreaking account.


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